Feb 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Yep, totally coming out of lurkdom.  I just wanted to say a quick happy anniversary to Justin.  It's 16 years today!  I haven't killed him yet, and believe me there have been TIMES......

As usual, he got me weird ass, totally me presents.  

A musubi maker and nori.  Really.  Because I fucking love katsu musubi (and SPam, but more katsu) and want to make it here at home.  

He also got me a treadle sewing machine from the late 1800's.  OMG. O.M.G. No pics of that yet, as I need to clean it up and do some repairs.  But it's beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL.

In other news, there's other news, but hey, lazy!  I'll try to get around to it this week.  Plus happy anniversary post shouldn't have other things.  Soooooo....