Sep 16, 2013

More Justin Stories....

This one's been brought up a few times in the last few days, so I thought you all might enjoy it.  When people ask why I stay with my husband, why I love him, despite all the crap, it's stories like these.  Life is NEVER dull with him around.

This is the story of how he was stuck under a couch for three hours.  Yes- THREE HOURS.

We were moving from Germany and were getting rid fo some things. I was 6 1/2 pregnant with Emily, so no carrying couches for me. I was going up to the Birkenstock factory with a friend and our respective kids for the day, so Justin had the day to get the house cleaned up and do some dump runs. I TOLD him to ask one of our friends to help him with the big stuff. He said no, NO PROBLEM I CAN HANDLE IT. Okay, dude, whatever. I'mma go buy shoes.

Fast forward to five hours later when I get a phone call while in Birkenstock mecca.


"Ummm, Birkenstock factory, remember? Why the hell did you forget this?"


I don't remember what was said after that because I was dying of laughter. I think I made him repeat it on speakerphone so my friend could laugh her ass off.

What had happened was he was bringing the couch down the stairs when it flipped over ON TOP OF HIM. Our apartment was a weird upside down L shape, with stairs going up to the main living area on the top floor. He had gotten to the last landing before the hallway to the front door (stairs were at the back of the house) when he lost his grip and the couch flipped over on top of him. This wouldn't have been a problem if 1- the couch had flipped with its back toward the wall instead of the stairs and 2- if the landing wasn't *exactly* the same size as the couch. There wasn't enough room for him to flip it off of himself. Luckily, we had for some reason left a box saw on the windowsill of that landing (no idea why). He was juuuuuust able to reach his arm up and get it to saw himself free. The reason it took three hours was because there was a bolt missing from the box saw, so it would flop and he could only cut one direction.

And no, he couldn't call anyone to come help because the front door locked automatically and his phone had fallen out of his pocket and out of his reach when the couch landed on him. It was the saw or wait for me.

Life is never dull with this man. NEVER. And he always has people come help him now when lifting heavy things.