Aug 14, 2013


I had grand plans for this summer.  I was going to sew a lot go to the pool, paint my living room, pull the carpet up, make lots of lumen prints, and be SO CONSTRUCTIVE.

Instead I played a lot of Bubble Safari.

Well, I DID manage to keep some plants alive, I got my sewing classes planned for the fall (still need to write the course outlines and make up the handouts), shot a bunch of stuff, Justin had pneumonia, and my MIL is coming to visit next week.

I really need to set a schedule for myself.  Like editing from x to x, then sewing for another hour or two, house stuff, etc.

So today is sewing for a while, since Jack needs PJ pants and I have two skirts to make up.  I think we're going to start painting the living room tomorrow.  That won't take too long, hopefully.

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