Aug 23, 2013

I made a book cover!!

My friend's book came out!  I did the cover!  Go buy it because it's awesome.  Also, he's publishing independently, so allllllll the marketing is word of mouth.

Here's the cover, because I'm wicked proud.

Aug 14, 2013


I had grand plans for this summer.  I was going to sew a lot go to the pool, paint my living room, pull the carpet up, make lots of lumen prints, and be SO CONSTRUCTIVE.

Instead I played a lot of Bubble Safari.

Well, I DID manage to keep some plants alive, I got my sewing classes planned for the fall (still need to write the course outlines and make up the handouts), shot a bunch of stuff, Justin had pneumonia, and my MIL is coming to visit next week.

I really need to set a schedule for myself.  Like editing from x to x, then sewing for another hour or two, house stuff, etc.

So today is sewing for a while, since Jack needs PJ pants and I have two skirts to make up.  I think we're going to start painting the living room tomorrow.  That won't take too long, hopefully.