Jul 20, 2013

Why do I even HAVE this thing??

Seriously.  Last time I updated was in April when we got the car.  Since then things have happened, things to write about, but have I had the time or inclination?  Apparently not.

Part of the reason I've been absent is my sewing classes.  They're doing REALLY well.  I'm teaching two nights a week and have been hired to teach up in Gig Harbor, too.  In the fall, I'll be teaching sewing one night a week and doing weekend workshops.  And I won't just be teaching sewing.... they want me to teach photography, too!!  WOOO!

Piggybacking on that, I'm also offering online sewing classes.  I'm on a website called Betterfly, which does online instruction and helps you find professionals in your area to help you learn what you want to know.  It's a great platform for creative types who can teach.  Check my page out- http://betterfly.com/pro/dorothydean .  I think I also have it listed in the sidebar over there ---->.

Photography is going.  SLOW going, but going.  This place is pretty saturated with photographers, but I'm picking up jobs here and there.  Justin decided to buy me an enlarger, so now I can start working on my body of work for my MFA application.  I'm not sure where I want to apply yet.  I'm debating UW, which means I need to wait for Jack to be in school, or a low residency program, which means tuition will be MUCH higher and I'll have to go there for a month or so each year.  I'm really torn.

What else, what else......  Oh yeah.  JAM.  I BE JAMMIN'.  No really, I've meen making tons of jam for the last 6 months.  I love it.  It's sooooooo good.  So far I've done two marmalades, strawberry, pear and seedless raspberry jam.  I'm thinking about entering a jar at the fair.  Not sure, though.

And that's where this ends.  I started it this morning, and am ending it now, 7 hours later.  :p  That 7 hours entailed a trip to Goodwill, the dollar store and some arguing on the internet.  Oh, what an exciting life I lead.....