Apr 14, 2013

New wheels!

If you are on the Book of Faces, you've probably seen this, but I has a new car!  Not NEW-new, but new to me.  :D

It's an '08 Honda Pilot EX-L.  We got a killer deal on it.  We still have the Forester.  This was just because the kids were getting too big to all squeeze into the back seat of the Forester anymore!  The Pilot has a roomy third row, sunroof, awesome sound system, really comfy seats, and is in general pretty awesome.  I'm not a fan of white, but meh.  I'll deal.  I'm not vain when it comes to my car.  

In other news, my sewing classes have started and seem to be taking off!  One of my students is a communications instructor at the Gig Harbor campus and she went and talked me up to them.  They really want me up there to teach, too.  :D  I'm also going to work on teaching credit classes, if I can.  I may need my Master's before I do that.  Maybe.  We'll see.  The classes I want to teach are techniques classes, not conceptual, and since fibers isn't taught at a college level anymore, they may see that I'm fine to teach, since my degree is in art.  Not many people seem to have my sill set.  

Where will this leave the photography?  To be honest, I don't know.  It all depends.  I'm going to go with the flow on this.  Photography may end up part time, which is fine.  What I'm interested in is helping people learn.  

Apr 3, 2013

I'm really bad at this

For reals.  It's been almost 5 months!  I'm a terrible blogger.

In 5 months, 5 months worth of stuff has happened.  Imagine that.

I have learned to make jam.  And I like it.  I make a bad ass strawberry.  I am learning marmalade.  Marmalade is hard.  I always cook it a smidge too long.

Sewing classes start next week!  Woo!  Tuesdays are a go, and Thursdays are looking good.  I can't wait!

I have a new camera, a D600.  I have a few sessions booked for the sumer, plus one wedding.  I'm planning on doing the wedding expo at the Tacoma Dome in Jan.  I want to book 6-8 weddings next year.  I'm re-working packages to make them AWESOME.

My parents are visiting right now.  I like having them here, for all that they drive me crazy.  They're spoiling the kids, and us.  Today we went out to Ocean Shores so my mom could see the Pacific.  It was a long drive, but worth it.  I think we'll go camping out there this summer.

In family related news, I finally met my birth father, Ken and his family.  It's been interesting.  I have sisters, three of them!  Plus a step-mom who is really sweet.  I like them all, which is good, since they live 90 min away.

We're getting a new car soon.  I have a few I'm looking at, loan is approved, so probably we'll go next week to look at them.

The kids are awesome.  Jack is TWO.  TWO!!  It seems like he was just born yesterday.  I didn't think I'd like having three kids, but in reality, I love it.  He's a funny, funny boy, and so fucking sweet.  He sings all the time, loves his drums, and can already count to 20 and and sing his ABC's.  Maddie has blossomed into a math and science genius.  She's applying to a match camp this summer, and is working on getting into SAMI, the math and science HS here in town.  Em is stil the hilarious, snarky kid she always is.  Soccer season starts up soon.  I have to keep her from covering herself in sequins on a daily basis.  The kid loves some sparkle.

Justin is going head on into school.  He kind of dipped his toe in last quarter, but now he's in full force with his human services classes.  I think he's going to be a great social worker.  He picked the perfect job.  I'm also really proud of him.  Instead of chasing fame, or doing something meaningless, he decided to go for a second career in helping people.  I think he's pretty damn awesome.

So there's the quarterly update.  Fascinating, as usual.  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see a lot more.  I'm a fucking junkie.