Dec 7, 2012

Faith in humanity- RESTORED

This time of year always makes me a little grumpy.  People are pushy, there's a "war on Christmas" that doesn't exist, my beliefs get marginalized, and there's that whole coming up with money for presents.


But today.....  today my faith in humanity has been restored.  Why?  SOmeone who doesn't know Maddie sent her one of the best gifts she's ever gotten.

As a lot of you know, Maddie is a HUGE comic book geek.  HUGE.  She has the Marvel and DC encyclopedias memorized.  She can tell you whatever you want to know about the X-Men.  But her FAVORITE is the Green Lantern.  So much so that when the movie came out, we all went opening night, with her in her GL shirt, mask and ring.

She also has a thing about writing to comic book writers.  She's written a bunch of letters to Stan Lee, but nothing has been returned.  About a month or so ago, she wrote to Geoff Johns, the guy who does the Green Lantern comics.  The letter had an idea or two of what she'd like to see in the comic and she sent a picture she drew of one of the characters.

Fast forward to today.  UPS rings the bell and hands me a box from Diamond Comics.  I take it, see it's addressed to Maddie and open it up, thinking it's a Christmas gift from her uncle or one of my good friends who know she loves comics (and love them, too!).  Inside I see a photocopied letter, a shirt, and some Green Lantern action figures.  Huh?  Who the heck sent that?

Then it clicks.  That's her letter, the one she sent to Geoff Johns.  I look at the address and it's from Warner Brothers in Burbank.  It REALLY clicks- GEOFF JOHNS GOT HER LETTER.  THIS BOX IS FROM HIM.  Or at least from someone on his staff thoughtful enough to see a little girl's letter and send her some truly awesome swag.

But it gets better.  I post on Facebook and a friend of mine tells me he knows someone who knows Geoff's email address.  He works his magic and HOLY CARP- when Maddie writes her thank you note (which she will!), it will go directly to Himself.  Well, directly via two friends, but STILL!

By the time this is settled Maddie get home.  We tell her she has a package, and she opens it up  and OMG.  I have never seen a kid so excited!  She was seriously ready to cry.  Then I told her about the email and that was the end.  :D

This whole thing has really restored my faith in humanity.  Maddie writes just because she loves the stories, not for any reward.  The fact that someone in that office recognized a little girl, and thought enough of her letter and her time to send her something is awesome.  They deserve a huge karma boost.  As for Goeff, well, a lot of my comic geek friends say this has redeemed what he did to the Justice League.  Can't quite forgive the Superman debacle, though.  ;)

And here's a picture of Maddie with her loot:
Please to ignore the boxes in the background and the super messy table.  It's been a busy week!

Also, if anyone wants to tweet to Geoff Johns about his awesomness, his handle is @geoffjohns.  I already did.

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