Nov 28, 2012

Things! All sorts of things!

Yet another drive-by post.  Many things have happened since the last post.

First off, the dress didn't get made.  I just didn't have the time.  I still plan on making it, though.  I want to lose some weight first.  The silk I have is BEYOOOOOTIFUL.  I don't want my fat ass to ruin it.

Justin is officially retired!  WOOOO!  His last day on active duty was yesterday.  He was all grumpy, but I'm just glad.  I'm not going to lie- being a civilian family is a little scary.  But we get to do things our OWN way, without a second set of rules that are arbitrarily applied.  He's starting school in January, which makes me very happy.  He's decided on going for psychiatric social work.  He really thought about the PhD in psychology, but in the end, the social work is what he wants to do.  He really wants to help people, more than what a psychologist does.  An MS in social work will allow that, and the psych addition will let him counsel, too.  It's really a good fit.

As for me, I'm chugging away.  I've decided to specialize in weddings.  I know- why do I want to do that?  It just works well with my personality.  I don't have to interact during the actual shooting, which makes me happy.  Plus weddings are just fun.  I've also got an interview on Monday at the community college to teach sewing in their continuing education program.  I'm wicked excited.  I love teaching.  I'd LOVE to be a home ec teacher, but sadly, those programs just don't exist anymore.  It's really a shame, because kids are very ill-prepared for life coming out of HS.  At least in this job, I would get people who really are interested, and who want to learn.  I really like teaching adults.  It'll also open doors to teaching other things, like photography, knitting, and probably quilting and other sewing type classes.

Beyond that, we have the usual house bullshit.  Fridge died, but is getting fixed.  Got some new windows installed, which make the house slightly warmer.  Just got back from a trip to CA to see Justin's mom and family for Thanksgiving and go to my friend K's wedding.  I'm waiting for Doug and Angela's baby to be born, even though I'm far, far away.


supermadchen said...

HA! Didn't have to wait long, did ya?

Dorothy Dean said...

Only a few days! And he's adorable!!