Oct 26, 2012

Many things....

So, after a hiatus, I'm back.  Why the hiatus?  Well, a weird thing happened.  One day I logged into Facebook and had a friend request from my biological father.  He and my mom split when I was just a baby, so while I have a few pictures of him with me, I've never spoken to or met him. So you can imaging the weirdness when I see that name pop up, right?  After some chatting with my mom, I messaged him back and haven't gotten a response.  Oh well.  There's more to the whole thing, but it's a tl;dr that doesn't need to be gone into.

In other news, we've moved into the house and are settling in.  The house is great, but old, and the flippers.... sweet jesus, the people who flipped this house need to be punched in the face.  We had a $200 plumbing bill when the supply line to the toilet POPPED OUT OF THE VALVE.  They used crappy materials and didn't do it right.  Luckily I found a fantastic plumber.  Emily's room has no heat vent, so we ordered her a wall mounted electric one.   Speaking of heat, we had a hell of a time the other day figuring ou why the furnace wasn't working.  Turns out that second switch at the top of the basement stairs turns the whole system (and the lights in my office) on.  The nook in the the kitchen is going to get a counter added so I have somewhere to actually bake and use my mixer.  THere are NO outlets in the wall along the cabinets.  Just the ones by the fridge/stove.  Oh, and one next to the spice rack in the wall, but no counter to put a coffee pot on.  WEIRD.  The floors in the kitchen and bathroom are vinyl tile with grout.  Not the special kind made for grouting, just vinyl tile.  With grout.  WTH??

Despite all of this, I still love my house.  The parts the flippers left alone are fine.  It's solid, just needs some TLC which is what we wanted.  I've been making Ikea trips and planning all sorts of things for once I get all the boxes unpacked/organized.

What else? Kids are good.  Maddie just finished up cross country.  She had a great time and it was good for her.  She's doing so well in middle school.  I think the fact that everyone is new helps.  She has two good friends, both of whom are coming over for a sleepover tomorrow.  Em is still trying to decide if she likes her school.  It's a Montessori, which is a bit of an adjustment for her.  She tested for the gifted program today.  We'll see if she gets in.  Either way, she's an awesome kid.  Jack is Jack.  He's really verbal now, and has started using simple sentences.  He has so many words!