Jun 29, 2012

Happy birthday Emily!!

Happy 8th birthday Emily!

to this....

Her hair is not so pink now.  :(  The pic was from a couple weeks ago, a few days after we dyed her hair.  

In other news we're once again in hurry up and wait land.  Hurry up to sign the paperwork, wait for the orders.  I have lost all house motivation this week.  I really need to get on it, too.  This place is a nightmare.  

We ARE sailing along on the house hunting.  I had a good chat with Zach, who recommended some mortgage people to us.  I'll still be doing my own research for mortgage people, but from talking to the ones he suggested, we're going to have no problem with getting a house.  Yay!  

I'm still job hunting.  I'm considering applying to First Command as a financial advisor.  Justin says I'd be really good at it, but I don't know.  I have so many options now, it's overwhelming.  

Jun 16, 2012


We got word ont he med board back.  Are you ready?


You sure?

Very well, then.

100% disability from the VA and a spot on the TDRL.  

That's right, bitches- muthafuckin retirement!

I have so much to do.  Househunting, job hunting, mortgages, applying for SSDI, packing, trashing, and most importantly, figuring out what knitting projects will go with me and which will get frogged or packed away.  This is muy important.  I've been photographing and cataloging my stash so I know what I have, then I can pick projects.  I'll likely frog anything that's not close to being done so I can reclaim my needles (which travel with me).

So you may or may not see more posts from me in the next month or so.  We're aiming to leave around mid- August, but it all depends on orders.

Jun 3, 2012

The Tale of the Fail Bagels

I"ve been on a baking kick recently.  I've posted a few times about finding the perfect pizza dough.  I think I've got it!

The crust was chewy, yet firm, a little puffier than I like but overall tasted great.  I made calzones with it last night and it was just as fabulous.  

And then there were the Fail Bagels.  

I know I've talked about bagels before.  I love bagels.  LOVE. THEM.  There is nothing better than a NY bagel toasted with butter.  Or toasted and turned into a turkey and cheese sammich.  Or covered in dirt from the ground.  I don't really care.  BAGELS.  YUM.  

I'm lucky enough that I have a wonderful friend who sends me bagels a few times a year from Manhattan.  She freezes them in Ziplocs, packs them into a flat rate box and I drop them in my freezer when they arrive three days later (if you want to try this, send them on a Monday so they don't get caught in the Sunday non-delivery day.  I always accept gifts of bagels.).  No, frozen bagels aren't perfect, but they're Northeast bagels, which are far superior to any other bagel even when frozen.  However, Missy can't keep me in bagels in the way I would like to be kept, so I need to attempt my own.  

Therein lies the problem.

I'm a pretty proficient baker.  However, every time I've attempted bagels, they are sad.  So very, very sad. Last time I didn't do a retarded rise overnight in the fridge, which I thought might be the problem.  Nope.  Not the problem.  This is what I got this morning when I pulled the bagels out of the fridge.

No problem, right?  They'll puff up when I boil/bake them!  

Uh, no.  Not so much.  After boiling and baking, I got this:


They were tasteless, flat and soggy on the bottom.  EW.  Not even butter could fix them.  THEY MADE BUTTER SAD.  

I'm not sure what happened.  Well- I know a few things.  The recipe called for instant yeast- I used regular.  No parchment paper (although the bagels baked on the baking stone turned out better than those on the metal pan).  No malt extract.  Next time I will try these things.  

Or maybe I'll find a good bagelry in Tacoma.