Apr 25, 2012

Donde esta la Dorotea?

Soy aqui, aqui!!

Things have been crazy these last couple months.  My birthday, Jack's birthday, other birthdays, and a million other things.  So we write another post in bullet form.  Yeah, I pretty much live my (blogging) life by "No, is too much.  Lemme summup."

Still no med board word.  We're expecting it sometime at the end of May.  Is the house ready?  Hell no!  We live on the edge here.  We continue to look at houses and have narrowed down what we really want.  We have a list from Redfin and will let our agent know almost as soon as we get word on the med board.

On the moving note, I found a perfect job for me in Washington!  The Navy has an opening for a photographer in Bremerton.  That's about 45 min from Tacoma.  I qualify at a GS-07 level, if not a GS-09.  I can't say as I'm looking forward to going back to work, but it's in my field, and definitely something I'll enjoy.  I'm still working on the childbirth education/breastfeeding counselor gig, because I'm not one to  think I'll get the job.  My success is due to many-layered plans.  I'm still doing all I need to to make my application look as good as possible.  My wonderful FIL is helping me with my resume (which is total and utter crap right now).  I've got a new website, too.  Wordpress is great, but looks pretty amateur.  I checked out Joomla, and while it's nice, I don't have the time to become proficient enough to make it look good.  Yes, it's easy to use, but making it look good is a challenge.  So I'm going with Wix.  It's Flash based and it offers a mobile site builder.  It's a little pricey, but they host for you, plus provide eminently customizable templates and Google Analytics access, so it's worth it to me.  The address is still the same- dorothydean.com.

What else?  Jackaroo is awesome.  He's walking all over now, and can say quite a few words.  He loves Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba.  He says Elmo (well, Moooooe) and dances when the music comes on.  That kids LOVES music.  I'm not surprised.  Justin and I are both musical (Justin moreso than me, but I did play the flute for almost 10 years in school).

I have a new sock pattern!  This one is a toe-up version of the Dayflower.  It's called the Nightbloom Sock.  Same price as Dayflower, $4, but on sale for $2.50 through May 16.  It was in the top 20 most popular patterns on Ravelry yesterday, which is awesome!  Alas, it's down to page 5 now.  Oh well.

I think that does it for now....

Apr 2, 2012

Sock is for sale!

Now that the Sanguine Gryphon has separated into two different companies, I can sell the sock on my own!  The Dayflower Sock is now available for sale on Ravelry again!