Feb 9, 2012

New shop!

I finally got off my ass and did it!  I opened my Etsy shop.  At the moment it's got about 8 images available, but I'm adding more each day.  


Why all of a sudden?  Mama needs a new camera!  New camera= more work, which means career is useful.  Also, I have all these images just sitting on my hard drives, so why not DO something with them?  

I'm also gearing back up to do photo sessions.  I have a shoot on Monday for a homecoming.  I'm hoping it'll garner a few more sessions.  I'm doing them for fun (and some profit) right now.  So those of you on Oahu- sessions are $175 ($150 for military), you get a DVD of 30 images and a print release.  Clicky the linky for the details.  

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