Feb 2, 2012

Another month, another post

Yeah, I know, things are getting monthly 'round here.  Really there's not much going on.  The med board is in San Antonio, so we have about 3 months before word comes back.  We're just trying to get the house cleaned out and failing miserably.  Right now I'm at the BURNITALLDOWN stage.  I need to just set up a damn schedule and stick to it.  That would make my life much easier.

Our season of birthdays is quickly approaching.  Our anniversary is in 2 1/2 weeks.  It's our 14th!  I have no idea what we're doing for it.  Justin suggested Top of Waikiki, and I suggested a dinner cruise.  He nixed the dinner cruise.  He'd LOVE to do it, but I get seasick.  He doesn't want to risk me spending the entire time vomiting over the side in the even the Sea Bands don't work.

After that is my birthday, then JACK'S!  He'll be a year old!  Where the fuck did the time go???  We're planning a small BBQ for his birthday.  With a gnome cake.  :D

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