Jan 4, 2012

Apropos of nothing

Or, a day of domesticity.

Today I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself.  Got the girls up and off to school after a decent day yesterday.  Came back, went back to bed and woke up with Jack a little after 10.  DAMN, that boy can sleep!  Hung out, took Em to guitar lessons.  Made a grocery list and actually went grocery shopping!  For things ON MY LIST!  And it was not JUST a list- I actually made a MENU.  Will wonders never cease?  I even cooked one of the menu items.  Look at me, cooking and being all domestic and shit.

In all of this, I decided to make applesauce for the boy.  Nothing fancy, just cut up an apple and nuked it till it was soft.  He decided that yogurt is OMGGOOD (got the Brown Cow hippie stuff, with cream on top.  That shit is DAMN tasty!), and would have eaten the entire can of veggie puffs if I'd let him.  So tomorrow we're trying applesauce.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's red velvet pancake day!  YAY!!!!!!  I'm going with the girls to Cinnamon's.  That means the aforementioned pancakes and home fries.  Fat, fat, fatfatFAAAAAATTTTTT.  But I don't care.  Why eat if it's not enjoyable?

I can already tell you tomorrow I will be utterly and completely useless.  Besides the Cinnamon's trip, Justin is taking the girls to some circus thing (like Cirque du Soleil, but it's not), so Jack and I will chill at home where I will most likely sit on my ass, eat the tasty yogurt with lime or lemon curd, knit and watch bad TV.  Maybe if the boy sleeps, I can get my loom mostly warped.  What loom?  Why the one I got for Giftmess, you silly hens!  A 32" Kromski Harp.  It is beautimous.  Justin even got me the stand.  He spoils me.

So there you go.  Craftyfarmer, I can't say I neglected the kids to write this post, since one is asleep on my lap and the other two are watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, but your email on Rav spurred me to keep blogging.  People actually DO read my ramblings!