Dec 11, 2012

Actual Sewing Content

DId I give an update on the interview?  No?  Very well then.

I got the job!!!

I start in April, when the spring quarter begins.  I'll be teaching basic sewing, as well as an intermediate or special topics class.  RIght now I'm thinking of doing a series where we work through my (current) favorite sewing book, Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing: A Modern Guide to Couture-Style Sewing Using Basic Vintage Techniques
.  It's got some awesome patterns an great info about vintage sewing and fitting.

In honor of that, I'm going to try repurposing things.  Not upcycling, but reusing.  I'm starting with sheets.  Sheets are an awesome source of fabric.  They're nice and big, and usually have already been washed a million times, which means shrunk as much as possible.  They're generally 100% cotton.  Best of all, you can get them for a couple bucks at Goodwill!  I got this one today, which will become a shirt dress.

I picked up another vintagey looking floral one, too, as well as a white one to do a fitting muslin in.  

Now if you do a search for "dress made from sheet" you'll find some.... creative things.  Usually not well done.  People see it and think SHEET.  SQUARE.  CANNOT CUT.  But it's just fabric.  It was cheaper than anything you can get at a fabric store, so USE IT!  If you mess it up, you're only out a few bucks.  

Tomorrow I need to go get some tracing paper and materials to cut out the pattern without dorking up the sheets that came with the book.  No, I don't have any idea where mine are.  I blame the movers.  

Dec 7, 2012

Faith in humanity- RESTORED

This time of year always makes me a little grumpy.  People are pushy, there's a "war on Christmas" that doesn't exist, my beliefs get marginalized, and there's that whole coming up with money for presents.


But today.....  today my faith in humanity has been restored.  Why?  SOmeone who doesn't know Maddie sent her one of the best gifts she's ever gotten.

As a lot of you know, Maddie is a HUGE comic book geek.  HUGE.  She has the Marvel and DC encyclopedias memorized.  She can tell you whatever you want to know about the X-Men.  But her FAVORITE is the Green Lantern.  So much so that when the movie came out, we all went opening night, with her in her GL shirt, mask and ring.

She also has a thing about writing to comic book writers.  She's written a bunch of letters to Stan Lee, but nothing has been returned.  About a month or so ago, she wrote to Geoff Johns, the guy who does the Green Lantern comics.  The letter had an idea or two of what she'd like to see in the comic and she sent a picture she drew of one of the characters.

Fast forward to today.  UPS rings the bell and hands me a box from Diamond Comics.  I take it, see it's addressed to Maddie and open it up, thinking it's a Christmas gift from her uncle or one of my good friends who know she loves comics (and love them, too!).  Inside I see a photocopied letter, a shirt, and some Green Lantern action figures.  Huh?  Who the heck sent that?

Then it clicks.  That's her letter, the one she sent to Geoff Johns.  I look at the address and it's from Warner Brothers in Burbank.  It REALLY clicks- GEOFF JOHNS GOT HER LETTER.  THIS BOX IS FROM HIM.  Or at least from someone on his staff thoughtful enough to see a little girl's letter and send her some truly awesome swag.

But it gets better.  I post on Facebook and a friend of mine tells me he knows someone who knows Geoff's email address.  He works his magic and HOLY CARP- when Maddie writes her thank you note (which she will!), it will go directly to Himself.  Well, directly via two friends, but STILL!

By the time this is settled Maddie get home.  We tell her she has a package, and she opens it up  and OMG.  I have never seen a kid so excited!  She was seriously ready to cry.  Then I told her about the email and that was the end.  :D

This whole thing has really restored my faith in humanity.  Maddie writes just because she loves the stories, not for any reward.  The fact that someone in that office recognized a little girl, and thought enough of her letter and her time to send her something is awesome.  They deserve a huge karma boost.  As for Goeff, well, a lot of my comic geek friends say this has redeemed what he did to the Justice League.  Can't quite forgive the Superman debacle, though.  ;)

And here's a picture of Maddie with her loot:
Please to ignore the boxes in the background and the super messy table.  It's been a busy week!

Also, if anyone wants to tweet to Geoff Johns about his awesomness, his handle is @geoffjohns.  I already did.

Dec 1, 2012

Well this explains a lot.....

I followed a link to a blog article today that clears a lot of things up for me about my life in late 2006, all of 2007, half of 2008 and a few blips all the way into 2011.  For those just joining the show, during his first major manic phase, Justin had a brief affair.  When he came down from the mania, he realized what he was doing and broke it off.  Except the woman wouldn't allow it, and continued to lie and do anything she could to keep him in contact with her, up to and including a fake pregnancy.  She told enough lies that he was busted by the Air Force, and continued to tell lie after lie after lie, all the while harassing my family.  During that time period the tires on my car were slashed twice.  I was answering my doorbell to find no one there, phone calls where people hung up (and these happened ONLY during this time period).  Friends were questioned as to where my husband was.  It got so bad, my husband was afraid to leave the house, in the event she cornered him somewhere (she lived the next street over).  How do we know this?  She was stupid enough to email him and tell him she lied and did some of these things.  We have phone records of her calls.  I have a stack of information an inch and half thick.  The emails from her continued until 2010/2011, after we'd moved across the ocean.

But this is 2012.  This all happened years ago.  Why am I rehashing it now?  An internet friend is having a very difficult time with her soon-to-be-ex-husband.  Harassment, lies, even physical violence.  Now Justin's stalker wasn't nearly to the level of this guy, thank goodness.  But for a very long time, I've been wondering how someone who claimed to love someone, as she claimed to love Justin, could do so many things to hurt them and the people they love.  She was horrible.  She gave no fucks about me, no fucks about my children, no fucks about anyone but herself.  She expected everyone to give a fuck about her, though.  The cognitive dissonance was astounding.  

Then someone posted the link to this blog post by a psychologist, The Vindictive Narcissist.  A lightbulb clicked.  This is her.  This is the woman who tried desperately to destroy my family.  This paragraph, in particular, stood out to me:

"Unlike you and me, however, he can’t tolerate such painful humiliation, not even for a second, and revenge fantasies are not enough. He experiences the continuing reality of a woman who rejected him as a continual threat, a constant assault upon his ideal self-image; as a result, his defenses remain on continual alert against it. At the least provocation — that is, whenever shame threatens to emerge — he will viciously strike out, like a snake assaulting its prey."

This was the answer I needed.  You see, she was trying to build a reputation as a Christian singer.  She had gone to a CHristian college, sang at her church, and was all SOOOOOPERCHRISTIANJESUSFUCKYEAH!!

Small problem- GOOD Christian women don't have affairs while their husband is deployed to Iraq.  GOOD Christian women don't try to convince another man to leave his family.  GOOD Christian women are victims of the evil men, who make them do these things.  There's also the fact the she sees herself as beautiful and talented and wanted by everyone.  The very thought that she might not be these things was inconceivable for her.  Hence the lies.  The stalking.  The harassment.  Every time she emailed or called, Justin reported it to his command, who called her husband and told him to have her knock it off.  Which led to another email.  Which led to Justin telling his command.  Wash, rinse, repeat, ad nauseum.  She somehow managed to convince her husband of it, which just goes to prove how smart he isn't.  To this day, I bet if you asked her, she'd tell she never did any of that, that she was the victim, that she's a Good Christian (TM) who was soooooo injured.  

You may also ask, why do you keep the records?  I keep them because they're proof.  I don't believe for one second that she will keep herself out of our lives forever.  She'll have something happen, another break, another something, and she'll lash out and we'll be the target.  Or she'll do something similar to someone else.  Because she can't help herself.  

"Since such people have almost no interest in or capacity for change, the best you can do is stay clear of them, just the way you’d avoid a snake if it happened to cross your path."

And that's what we're doing.  She's a snake.  A charming, fakely empathetic snake.  And beyond keeping my family out of her path, I have no fucks to give about her.  This blog post was that lightbulb that nothing I or Justin did would have stopped her from being as hurtful as possible.  She tried to drive us apart, not knowing that's an almost impossible task.  And we're still together, stronger than ever, and even more importantly, happy.

(And no, I'm not naming her here.  I've talked about her before.  If you're that interested, you'll figure it out.)  

Nov 28, 2012

Things! All sorts of things!

Yet another drive-by post.  Many things have happened since the last post.

First off, the dress didn't get made.  I just didn't have the time.  I still plan on making it, though.  I want to lose some weight first.  The silk I have is BEYOOOOOTIFUL.  I don't want my fat ass to ruin it.

Justin is officially retired!  WOOOO!  His last day on active duty was yesterday.  He was all grumpy, but I'm just glad.  I'm not going to lie- being a civilian family is a little scary.  But we get to do things our OWN way, without a second set of rules that are arbitrarily applied.  He's starting school in January, which makes me very happy.  He's decided on going for psychiatric social work.  He really thought about the PhD in psychology, but in the end, the social work is what he wants to do.  He really wants to help people, more than what a psychologist does.  An MS in social work will allow that, and the psych addition will let him counsel, too.  It's really a good fit.

As for me, I'm chugging away.  I've decided to specialize in weddings.  I know- why do I want to do that?  It just works well with my personality.  I don't have to interact during the actual shooting, which makes me happy.  Plus weddings are just fun.  I've also got an interview on Monday at the community college to teach sewing in their continuing education program.  I'm wicked excited.  I love teaching.  I'd LOVE to be a home ec teacher, but sadly, those programs just don't exist anymore.  It's really a shame, because kids are very ill-prepared for life coming out of HS.  At least in this job, I would get people who really are interested, and who want to learn.  I really like teaching adults.  It'll also open doors to teaching other things, like photography, knitting, and probably quilting and other sewing type classes.

Beyond that, we have the usual house bullshit.  Fridge died, but is getting fixed.  Got some new windows installed, which make the house slightly warmer.  Just got back from a trip to CA to see Justin's mom and family for Thanksgiving and go to my friend K's wedding.  I'm waiting for Doug and Angela's baby to be born, even though I'm far, far away.

Nov 12, 2012

Dress madness!

You all know I'm kind of a crazy bitch.  So why would it surprise ANY of you that I"m attempting to make a cocktail dress in a week and half, the same week I have two shoots scheduled AND I'm having the refrigerator repaired and about half the windows in the house replaced?  Really, why?

The reason for this is because of the string of misfortunes that have befallen us in the last month.  I was going to pass on the dress making.  I figured with everything going on, I'd just go buy something and call it good.  Yeah, that cash has been SPENT.  In the last month we've had to get a plumber in to fix an exploding toilet supply line; had our washer quit, then when we got a washer from a friend, were rear-ended in the rental pickup, thereby destroying said washer and forcing us to go buy a brand new one; and had the refrigerator crap out once, and now possibly crap out again, necessitating the purchase of a chest freezer.  Luckily we had gift cards and got both the washer and freezer on insane sale, but still, that doesn't leave me much dress money, esp when I have to get something for Justin and Maddie to wear.

The occasion in question is my friend Kay's wedding.  It's an evening wedding, which means fancier than usual.  Plus it's in Monterey, CA, which has a whole 'nother state between it and us.  That means hotels and gas.  On the flip side, it also means Thanksgiving with Justin's family, which is awesome.

So here's the dress:

It's the Sultry Sheath from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing (which if you don't have already, go to Amazon and buy.  It's ok.  I'll wait.  It's amazing, and totally worth the $22.  Plus it comes wit patterns!).  A wonderful LSGer sent me some teal dupioni silk, which means all I need to get is some lining fabric from Joann's.  There are always coupons and sales, plus lining fabric is cheap, so I theoretically have a silk cocktail dress for less than $20.  The pattern looks pretty simple.  Once I have the muslin fit, it shouldn't take too long, since I'll use all the markings from the muslin to cut the lining and the silk, and it's just a matter of stitching.  Right?  Right.  RIGHT.  


I've traced it out on muslin and cut that out.  I'll baste that together tonight and fit it, all with my new sewing machine.  (Yes, I have a new sewing machine.  Two actually, one vintage and one all fancy and computerized.  But that's for another post.  This is about extreme dressmaking!)  

So yeah.  Making a silk cocktail dress, while figuring out a new sewing machine, working, having refrigerators repaired and windows replaced, and packing for a 5 day driving trip is fucking crazy.   I'm fucking crazy.  But you knew that, didn't you?  

Oct 26, 2012

Many things....

So, after a hiatus, I'm back.  Why the hiatus?  Well, a weird thing happened.  One day I logged into Facebook and had a friend request from my biological father.  He and my mom split when I was just a baby, so while I have a few pictures of him with me, I've never spoken to or met him. So you can imaging the weirdness when I see that name pop up, right?  After some chatting with my mom, I messaged him back and haven't gotten a response.  Oh well.  There's more to the whole thing, but it's a tl;dr that doesn't need to be gone into.

In other news, we've moved into the house and are settling in.  The house is great, but old, and the flippers.... sweet jesus, the people who flipped this house need to be punched in the face.  We had a $200 plumbing bill when the supply line to the toilet POPPED OUT OF THE VALVE.  They used crappy materials and didn't do it right.  Luckily I found a fantastic plumber.  Emily's room has no heat vent, so we ordered her a wall mounted electric one.   Speaking of heat, we had a hell of a time the other day figuring ou why the furnace wasn't working.  Turns out that second switch at the top of the basement stairs turns the whole system (and the lights in my office) on.  The nook in the the kitchen is going to get a counter added so I have somewhere to actually bake and use my mixer.  THere are NO outlets in the wall along the cabinets.  Just the ones by the fridge/stove.  Oh, and one next to the spice rack in the wall, but no counter to put a coffee pot on.  WEIRD.  The floors in the kitchen and bathroom are vinyl tile with grout.  Not the special kind made for grouting, just vinyl tile.  With grout.  WTH??

Despite all of this, I still love my house.  The parts the flippers left alone are fine.  It's solid, just needs some TLC which is what we wanted.  I've been making Ikea trips and planning all sorts of things for once I get all the boxes unpacked/organized.

What else? Kids are good.  Maddie just finished up cross country.  She had a great time and it was good for her.  She's doing so well in middle school.  I think the fact that everyone is new helps.  She has two good friends, both of whom are coming over for a sleepover tomorrow.  Em is still trying to decide if she likes her school.  It's a Montessori, which is a bit of an adjustment for her.  She tested for the gifted program today.  We'll see if she gets in.  Either way, she's an awesome kid.  Jack is Jack.  He's really verbal now, and has started using simple sentences.  He has so many words!

Aug 28, 2012


We're alive!  We're mostly moved!  Things are going swimmingly.  

And just so you know, updates will be pretty random, more so than usual.  Someone from the past has resurfaced and I'm not sure I want more info than is already out there available.  No, it's not the red-headed cuntwagon, thank Maude.  Although, it would probably be easier to deal with if it were.  All that would take is a restraining order.  I'm still really active on FB, so find me there if you want to.  

Jul 3, 2012

Well, that was easy.....

Those of you who have been following the drama of the move know the biggest thing for us is buying a house.  I've put a kibosh on any new credit cards, had everything on auto pay and have been watching our credit like a hawk the last couple years.  Even with all that, I wasn't 100% sure we'd get approved.  You read the news articles, you hear only perfect credit gets a loan!  Well, bitches, I'm here to tell you that just.isn't. true.  How do I know?

We got pre-approved by not one, but TWO, TWO, places!!  VA loan, no down payment, and even a decent rate!  YAYAYAYAYAY!

So now the house-hunting begins for real.  I've already been in contact with my friend Zach, who's going to be our buyer's agent.  We have a plan in place for finding the best house for us.  I'm just hoping the houses we're looking at don't sell before we get a chance to put an offer in!

I feel 1,000 lbs lighter.  Now I need to shovel out this place, but I can do that.  The hard part is done!

Jun 29, 2012

Happy birthday Emily!!

Happy 8th birthday Emily!

to this....

Her hair is not so pink now.  :(  The pic was from a couple weeks ago, a few days after we dyed her hair.  

In other news we're once again in hurry up and wait land.  Hurry up to sign the paperwork, wait for the orders.  I have lost all house motivation this week.  I really need to get on it, too.  This place is a nightmare.  

We ARE sailing along on the house hunting.  I had a good chat with Zach, who recommended some mortgage people to us.  I'll still be doing my own research for mortgage people, but from talking to the ones he suggested, we're going to have no problem with getting a house.  Yay!  

I'm still job hunting.  I'm considering applying to First Command as a financial advisor.  Justin says I'd be really good at it, but I don't know.  I have so many options now, it's overwhelming.  

Jun 16, 2012


We got word ont he med board back.  Are you ready?


You sure?

Very well, then.

100% disability from the VA and a spot on the TDRL.  

That's right, bitches- muthafuckin retirement!

I have so much to do.  Househunting, job hunting, mortgages, applying for SSDI, packing, trashing, and most importantly, figuring out what knitting projects will go with me and which will get frogged or packed away.  This is muy important.  I've been photographing and cataloging my stash so I know what I have, then I can pick projects.  I'll likely frog anything that's not close to being done so I can reclaim my needles (which travel with me).

So you may or may not see more posts from me in the next month or so.  We're aiming to leave around mid- August, but it all depends on orders.

Jun 3, 2012

The Tale of the Fail Bagels

I"ve been on a baking kick recently.  I've posted a few times about finding the perfect pizza dough.  I think I've got it!

The crust was chewy, yet firm, a little puffier than I like but overall tasted great.  I made calzones with it last night and it was just as fabulous.  

And then there were the Fail Bagels.  

I know I've talked about bagels before.  I love bagels.  LOVE. THEM.  There is nothing better than a NY bagel toasted with butter.  Or toasted and turned into a turkey and cheese sammich.  Or covered in dirt from the ground.  I don't really care.  BAGELS.  YUM.  

I'm lucky enough that I have a wonderful friend who sends me bagels a few times a year from Manhattan.  She freezes them in Ziplocs, packs them into a flat rate box and I drop them in my freezer when they arrive three days later (if you want to try this, send them on a Monday so they don't get caught in the Sunday non-delivery day.  I always accept gifts of bagels.).  No, frozen bagels aren't perfect, but they're Northeast bagels, which are far superior to any other bagel even when frozen.  However, Missy can't keep me in bagels in the way I would like to be kept, so I need to attempt my own.  

Therein lies the problem.

I'm a pretty proficient baker.  However, every time I've attempted bagels, they are sad.  So very, very sad. Last time I didn't do a retarded rise overnight in the fridge, which I thought might be the problem.  Nope.  Not the problem.  This is what I got this morning when I pulled the bagels out of the fridge.

No problem, right?  They'll puff up when I boil/bake them!  

Uh, no.  Not so much.  After boiling and baking, I got this:


They were tasteless, flat and soggy on the bottom.  EW.  Not even butter could fix them.  THEY MADE BUTTER SAD.  

I'm not sure what happened.  Well- I know a few things.  The recipe called for instant yeast- I used regular.  No parchment paper (although the bagels baked on the baking stone turned out better than those on the metal pan).  No malt extract.  Next time I will try these things.  

Or maybe I'll find a good bagelry in Tacoma.  

May 23, 2012

How to Remove Earwax

I had to go find this blog (on MySpace-OMG!) from 4 years ago for Amber. We were telling her about another of Justin's adventures, this time when he had a lump of wax in his ear that had to be removed RIGHT NOW.

And now I present How to Remove Earwax

First, poke at it a while. Then pour some olive oil into your ear. Yell to your SO that you need the paper towels you bought earlier that are still in the car. Wait over the kitchen sink with oil dripping from your ear while they go get them.

When you've mopped up the oil puddle, have the SO look up earwax removal on the internet. Let them read through most of the Google results, making sure they pay close atention to "earwax in whales" (National Geographic really needs to do a piece on this....).

While they're enthralled by whale earwax, dig through the bathroom cabinets until you come up with a baby snot sucker and a medicine syringe covered in dust. Pretend you're MacGyver.

Run the water in the sink until it's about the temperature of liquid, hot magma. Fill the aforementioned syringe and have your SO squirt it into the ear at supersonic speed, almost puncturing your eardrum. Repeat a few times until you feel dizzy. Then have the SO look into your ear with a flashlight to ascertain that the earwax lump is indeed still there and is quite large.

Hold onto the sink while you almost fall over.

Go back to Wikipedia and see what they say. Find out that the water should have been at body temperature, as too warm or too cold will cause dizziness. But a solution of vinegar and water should do the trick. SO will probably abandon you at this point, since they feel the dr really should be the one doing this.

Discover that while there's no white vinegar, you have apple cider vinegar. It's all vinegar, right? And vinegar also has water in it, so it should be fine right out of the bottle.

Fill the syringe now that it's cooled with apple cider vinegar. Squirt it into your ear.

Enjoy the cool sensation until the vinegar BURNS THE HAIR RIGHT OUT OF YOUR EAR and SETS YOUR BRAIN ON FIRE. Make sure your SO hears your screams.

Call your mother after the pain resides and your brain doesn't burn. Find out eventually (after she falls down laughing and pees her pants) that apple cider vinegar is NOT the same as white vinegar. It's stronger, about a 5% solution while the white is 3%. And the 3% solution should be diluted at least half and half when used for earwax removal. And stores sells kits for this exact purpose.

But damn if that earwax isn't out of your ear.  

May 14, 2012

Happy Mothra's Day!

Or Mother's Day, if you prefer.

Mine was good.  It started with Justin dealing with Jack Sat night into Sunday, which was....  moderately successful.  Jack was pissed when Justin went in to get him, which led to him coming to bed to nurse, not being able to get comfortable and kicking me in the face for 20 min.  Justin took him back into his room, where he took another hour to get back to sleep.  So yeah.  They got up around 8:30 and went to get me donuts with the girls.

Then we lazed around for a while.  My friend Marie came over in the afternoon so I could take pictures of her girls (you can see those on my Facebook page or website).  I figured since I had the lights and backdrop up, I may as well have my girls get dressed for pics.  I got some great ones of them and Jack.  See?

Well, Jack wasn't smiling, but that's ok.  He wasn't too happy about me getting him changed and putting him on the backdrop.  This was the only one he wasn't trying to crawl away in.  

We had planned to get my present that afternoon, but I'm still a bit undecided.  I'm thinking a new point and shoot is what I want, because my old Sony is dying.  I've been researching and can't decide which one I want.  I don't need anything fancy (that's what my SLR is for), and I don't want to spend a lot.  I'm fascinated by the new CMOS Nikon 1 and the like, but they're a bit pricey.  If I'm going to drop that kind of cash, I'm going to drop it into savings for a D800.  Hence why I'm torn.  

Other things...  still waiting on the med board.  The way it's looking right now we're going to be here through the summer.  We were *really* hoping to be moving in the next month or so, but I guess that's not gonna happen.  Oh well.  The good news is Justin's been found unfit for duty, so we're waiting on the VA and the AF to determine his disability and how they're discharging him.  So we made a new plan- I'm job hunting.  I've got an application in for a photographer position up in Bremerton, which I am insanely qualified for.  I'm waiting to hear back, but it can take a while since it's a federal job.  I can also be insanely qualified, but if someone has a higher preference than I do, they'll get the job over me.  It's just the way it is.  I'm still looking, though.  If I get one, Jack and I will head to Washington and get a small apartment.  Justin and the girls will stay here so they're in the same school.  We don't want to move them then move them again when we buy a house, which is the plan as soon as we are all there.  If this happens, it will suck, yes, but for a short time.  It'll be kind of like a deployment, except one where we can talk as often as we want and people aren't shooting at either of us.  

So that's where we are.  Same damn holding pattern.  I'm planning on using the summer to work the girls like rented mules getting the house cleaned out and organized.  I don't want Justin to have to deal with all of it.  

Apr 25, 2012

Donde esta la Dorotea?

Soy aqui, aqui!!

Things have been crazy these last couple months.  My birthday, Jack's birthday, other birthdays, and a million other things.  So we write another post in bullet form.  Yeah, I pretty much live my (blogging) life by "No, is too much.  Lemme summup."

Still no med board word.  We're expecting it sometime at the end of May.  Is the house ready?  Hell no!  We live on the edge here.  We continue to look at houses and have narrowed down what we really want.  We have a list from Redfin and will let our agent know almost as soon as we get word on the med board.

On the moving note, I found a perfect job for me in Washington!  The Navy has an opening for a photographer in Bremerton.  That's about 45 min from Tacoma.  I qualify at a GS-07 level, if not a GS-09.  I can't say as I'm looking forward to going back to work, but it's in my field, and definitely something I'll enjoy.  I'm still working on the childbirth education/breastfeeding counselor gig, because I'm not one to  think I'll get the job.  My success is due to many-layered plans.  I'm still doing all I need to to make my application look as good as possible.  My wonderful FIL is helping me with my resume (which is total and utter crap right now).  I've got a new website, too.  Wordpress is great, but looks pretty amateur.  I checked out Joomla, and while it's nice, I don't have the time to become proficient enough to make it look good.  Yes, it's easy to use, but making it look good is a challenge.  So I'm going with Wix.  It's Flash based and it offers a mobile site builder.  It's a little pricey, but they host for you, plus provide eminently customizable templates and Google Analytics access, so it's worth it to me.  The address is still the same-

What else?  Jackaroo is awesome.  He's walking all over now, and can say quite a few words.  He loves Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba.  He says Elmo (well, Moooooe) and dances when the music comes on.  That kids LOVES music.  I'm not surprised.  Justin and I are both musical (Justin moreso than me, but I did play the flute for almost 10 years in school).

I have a new sock pattern!  This one is a toe-up version of the Dayflower.  It's called the Nightbloom Sock.  Same price as Dayflower, $4, but on sale for $2.50 through May 16.  It was in the top 20 most popular patterns on Ravelry yesterday, which is awesome!  Alas, it's down to page 5 now.  Oh well.

I think that does it for now....

Apr 2, 2012

Sock is for sale!

Now that the Sanguine Gryphon has separated into two different companies, I can sell the sock on my own!  The Dayflower Sock is now available for sale on Ravelry again!


Mar 12, 2012

Happy Berfday, Jackaroo!

As my friend Anne tells me, he's outlived most goldfish!  Happy first birthday, my tiny pirate!

He seems to like cake.  

Just a year ago, this was you!

You look like a kid now, not a baby!  

And since I have to show off the girls....  here's when he was born (remember, Em had just broken her arm):

With them at his party yesterday:

Feb 20, 2012

Happy anniversary to me!

14 years, people!  Fourteen fucking years.  It hasn't all been sunshine and roses, but I haven't killed him with a frying pan yet.  To celebrate we went to a Ducks game at UH (Ducks won!  Go Ducks!) and shortly we'll be grilling.  

Here's to another year, then another 50... 

Feb 13, 2012

Pic spam!

The inaugural shoot for the (not so) grand reopening of my photo business was today!  My friend Joanna's and her friend's (also a Joanna!) husbands came home from deployment today!  They're in the Navy, so it was pretty cool.  There was a live band, we got to see everyone lined up at the rails of the ship as they came in and there was all the ceremony and stuff.  I wish the Air Force did homecomings like this!

I'm still editing, but here are two photos of them.  Yes, they're retro looking- I did that on purpose!

Feb 9, 2012

New shop!

I finally got off my ass and did it!  I opened my Etsy shop.  At the moment it's got about 8 images available, but I'm adding more each day.  


Why all of a sudden?  Mama needs a new camera!  New camera= more work, which means career is useful.  Also, I have all these images just sitting on my hard drives, so why not DO something with them?  

I'm also gearing back up to do photo sessions.  I have a shoot on Monday for a homecoming.  I'm hoping it'll garner a few more sessions.  I'm doing them for fun (and some profit) right now.  So those of you on Oahu- sessions are $175 ($150 for military), you get a DVD of 30 images and a print release.  Clicky the linky for the details.  

Feb 2, 2012

Another month, another post

Yeah, I know, things are getting monthly 'round here.  Really there's not much going on.  The med board is in San Antonio, so we have about 3 months before word comes back.  We're just trying to get the house cleaned out and failing miserably.  Right now I'm at the BURNITALLDOWN stage.  I need to just set up a damn schedule and stick to it.  That would make my life much easier.

Our season of birthdays is quickly approaching.  Our anniversary is in 2 1/2 weeks.  It's our 14th!  I have no idea what we're doing for it.  Justin suggested Top of Waikiki, and I suggested a dinner cruise.  He nixed the dinner cruise.  He'd LOVE to do it, but I get seasick.  He doesn't want to risk me spending the entire time vomiting over the side in the even the Sea Bands don't work.

After that is my birthday, then JACK'S!  He'll be a year old!  Where the fuck did the time go???  We're planning a small BBQ for his birthday.  With a gnome cake.  :D

Jan 4, 2012

Apropos of nothing

Or, a day of domesticity.

Today I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself.  Got the girls up and off to school after a decent day yesterday.  Came back, went back to bed and woke up with Jack a little after 10.  DAMN, that boy can sleep!  Hung out, took Em to guitar lessons.  Made a grocery list and actually went grocery shopping!  For things ON MY LIST!  And it was not JUST a list- I actually made a MENU.  Will wonders never cease?  I even cooked one of the menu items.  Look at me, cooking and being all domestic and shit.

In all of this, I decided to make applesauce for the boy.  Nothing fancy, just cut up an apple and nuked it till it was soft.  He decided that yogurt is OMGGOOD (got the Brown Cow hippie stuff, with cream on top.  That shit is DAMN tasty!), and would have eaten the entire can of veggie puffs if I'd let him.  So tomorrow we're trying applesauce.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's red velvet pancake day!  YAY!!!!!!  I'm going with the girls to Cinnamon's.  That means the aforementioned pancakes and home fries.  Fat, fat, fatfatFAAAAAATTTTTT.  But I don't care.  Why eat if it's not enjoyable?

I can already tell you tomorrow I will be utterly and completely useless.  Besides the Cinnamon's trip, Justin is taking the girls to some circus thing (like Cirque du Soleil, but it's not), so Jack and I will chill at home where I will most likely sit on my ass, eat the tasty yogurt with lime or lemon curd, knit and watch bad TV.  Maybe if the boy sleeps, I can get my loom mostly warped.  What loom?  Why the one I got for Giftmess, you silly hens!  A 32" Kromski Harp.  It is beautimous.  Justin even got me the stand.  He spoils me.

So there you go.  Craftyfarmer, I can't say I neglected the kids to write this post, since one is asleep on my lap and the other two are watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, but your email on Rav spurred me to keep blogging.  People actually DO read my ramblings!