Dec 29, 2011


A new year is coming.  Also coming is a move, which may or may not put us in a house smaller than this one.  It's pretty likely it WILL be smaller.  What does that mean?


I have so much crap in my house it's not even funny.  It's less than I had when I lived in Omaha, but still, TOO MUCH.  So the next few months will be a Great Purge.  I want to cut the amount of stuff down by 50%.  I have clothes that never get worn, craft supplies that never get used, and papers from 2002.  TWO THOUSAND FUCKING TWO.  It all needs to go.

I started today by moving things around in the back room.  Table is by the sliding door, I brought the glider down from Jack's room, printer moved to by the bookshelves.  I need to get a low shelf to put Jack's toys in.  And a rug, since it's all tile back there.  But I'm pretty happy with it.

The rest of the plan is:

Clean out our bedroom and get rid of all the clothes I don't wear or that don't fit.
Clean out the storage room, move all the fabric, yarn, and equipment (photo and otherwise) into it
Go through the girls' room and get rid of too small or worn out clothes and broken toys
Empty the garage.

I want to have this done by March.  I don't think that's too impossible.

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