Dec 9, 2011

Make Stuff- Greek burgers!

Not dead, I promise.  Things have been busy.  But that's for another post.

Last night I made the bestest burgers ever.  With homemade tzatziki.  Want to try them?

Greek Turkey Burgers
2lbs ground turkey (can use chicken, too)
8 oz feta cheese, crumbled
Greek seasoning to taste (I use the stuff in the yellow can)

Mash it all together and shape into burgers.  I like 'em big, so I will make them 1/4 lb.  I get 8 burgers from this.  Cook them however you like to cook your burgers, till the juices run clear.

Homemade Tzatziki
16oz greek yogurt (or plain yogurt, strained till it's thick)
1 cucumber
4-5 tbsp dill
Salt and garlic to taste

Peel and grate the cucumber.  Put it in a strainer and let all the liquid drain out.  This is best done overnight, but can be squeezed out if necessary.  Mix all the ingredients together and let it sit for a few hours, but overnight is best.

I eat all this on pitas, but I suppose the burgers would make really good meatballs, to be served as an appetizer with the tzatziki.

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JoAnna said...

You are awesome, but cucumbers - in all forms - are disgusting.