Jul 26, 2011

Make stuff! Suck Pads Edition

This i a short one, but a good one.  I was recently passed an Ergo carrier from a kickass online friend.  If you know about these, you know they aren't cheap.  Neither are the accessories.  The company sells what they call "suck pads" for $20 a freaking pair.  Whuuuut?  No way am I paying that when I have a metric butt-ton of fabric and a sewing machine.  So I looked up the dimensions and came up with this (pics are forthcoming)....

Suck Pads (for the Ergo carrier, but really can be used for any SSC)

Materials (for one pair)
4 rectangles of fabric, cut 7x10 inches (I used a thick terry, but you can use any combo you prefer.  Natural, absorbent fabrics are best.  I would do at least one of terry, as these things will see A LOT of drool.  Old washcloths or hand towels would likely work well.  As always, make sure you've prewashed EVERYTHING and dried it the same way the finished item will be laundered.)
4 complete snap sets (8 caps, 4 studs, 4 sockets) OR velcro (the Velcro should be about 6 in long)
Thread to match

Now we make it!
Lay two rectangles of fabric right sides together.
Starting about 2/3 of the way down on a long side, start stitching, using a 1/2 in seam allowance.  Sew all the way around, stopping about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the side you started on.
Clip the corners of the rectangle and turn.  Make sure you poke the corners out with a chopstick or something.
Fold the edges of the turning hole in 1/2in, making them even with the edges you've sewn.  Pin in place.
Start topstitching 1/4-3/8in from the edge, closing the hole and going around the entire rectangle.
Fold in thirds (short sides going in) and mark snaps/velcro placement.  You may want to put it around the strap of your carrier to make sure your placement is correct.
Apply snaps/velcro.  If you're doing velcro, use a zigzag and stitch around the entire piece.
Put on carrier.  Let baby nom away.

There you go.  I had considered making the backing PUL, but did you know it's not food safe?  I didn't either until I looked into making re-useable sandwich bags from it.  So don't use PUL on these, since the whole point is to let the baby nom them.  I figure if it isn't safe for food, it's not safe to put in a baby's mouth.

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