May 19, 2011

Oooh, monthly update!

Apparently life with babies sucks your time.  And your brain.  So much so, I'm way overwhelmed and can't really focus on writing a coherent entry.  It's too much- lemme summup.

Still waiting on the med board.  It's been written, 5 pages long and is up at the psych's office  for her additions.  Then it goes up for review.  So it'll likely be August before we hear anything.  Woo.  That means if it ends up the way we want it, we'll be moving around the end of Oct.  Or later, if we have tot ake it to the formal board.

Jack is amazing.  He's 2 months old now, can hold his head up no problem.  I was looking at him last night while he was hangng out in his diaper, and he's built just like Justin.  Got the same shoulders and chest.  No wonder I had problems when it came to pushing his shoulders out!  He's still a really laid back baby.  Except when he's not- then OMG he's loud.  Thankfully he doesn't get pissed often.  And then I take pictures like this one and melt.

The girls only have a week of school left.  I can't wait.  Em's teacher is awesome.  Maddie's teacher is... not.  She refuses to understand Asperger's syndrome, so nothing's gotten better since Maddie's diagnosis.  It's a nightmare.  

As for me, I'm working on stuff.  I have a few ideas for quilt patterns, am making plans for a farmer's market booth once we get to Tacoma, and am still working on the doula certification.  I'm looking at jobs in the Seattle area and it looks like I'll have my choice, should I decide to go back to work.  There are  ton of places looking for people with art and photography experience.  Amazon and Zulilly are always hiring.  :)  

Jack is hollering.  Looks like I need to go feed him.  :p