Apr 20, 2011

Sleepy boy

I'm always amazed at the positions babies will sleep in.  See this cute boy?

He was actually sleeping like this:

He's moved and settled a bit....

Boys.  They sure do love the boobs.

Apr 9, 2011

28 days later....

No I have not been attacked by zombies or whatever the fuck happened in that movie.  I've been attacked by this:

It's a super cute baby!!  

I have seriously forgotten how much time newborns take.  Jack's a pretty good baby, but has a bad belly.  He gets gassy, then he fusses.  And he pukes a lot.  He likes the boobs, so he overeats.  The he vomits on me.  Yay!  But he's gaining weight well- he's already over 10lbs.  

But he's extremely nommable and kissable.  He has that same twinkle Justin gets.  He makes the funniest noises.  I've taken to calling him Elephant boy and Snufflufagus because those are the sounds he makes. And he chuckles in his sleep.  :)  

Recovery has been.... interesting.  Physically, it's been easy.  Emotionally, mentally....  well, some days are better than others.  I think it's been mostly hormones so far.  Justin's been really good about asking me about PPD and making sure I don't get too crazy.  I miss the snuggling, since Jack sleeps with us.  :(  

Anyway, there's the update.  I'm not dead.  Not eaten by my cats.  Just trying to find time to knit, time to sew and be me in between nursing and soothing and changing Jack.