Mar 1, 2011



Seriously, I am fucking thrilled to see February GO.  I don't know why Feb is usually incredibly crappy, but it is.  This year was no exception.

So what happened this year?  Not as much shit as last year, but it was still a doozy.  Justin had his first inpatient stay for his bipolar disorder.  He hit a manic phase hard and fast the week before Valentine's Day.  I called his dr to let him know and when the dr saw him the next day, he sent Justin straight up to Tripler where he spent the next 6 days in the psych ward.  The good news out of all this is that there was a major meds change which took him off of three meds, is finally allowing him to lose weight (like 10lbs or more since he got home on Feb 14th) and he feels more level headed.  He's a lot like he was before he went on the Lamictal, without the crazy of the bipolar interfering.  He can even sleep without help!  He helps clean the house!  HE COOKS.  I love it.

We also found out his med board hasn't even been submitted yet.  It needs to be re-written a third time.  We're pretty sure the stay at Tripler will get him retired and probably some significant disability from the VA.  I'm just tired of waiting.  It sucks.  Now we likely won't be moving till the fall.

So that was the drama this year.  In other news, I made it to the doula class.  It was fucking amazing.  I am so excited to start doing it. What surprised me the most about the training was how well the whole philosophy fits in with my view on life. This is not meant to sound political, but I am pro-choice down to the core. As in, not my life, not my decision, and as long as you aren’t hurting people, do your thing. That’s the whole concept surrounding doula-ing, at least to me. We’re there to support a woman inher choices for birth. We help make it the best experience she can have. We’re not there to make clinical decisions, fight with staff or make dads interact or not. We’re there to support the families in whatever they choose to do. It’s pretty cool, and when I think about it, a real weight off my mind. I’m glad I just have to tell someone “You’re doing fine! Here, let’s try this, it may make you feel better.” Way easier than making clinical decisions, that’s for sure.  Now I just need to do some childbirth educator training.  I need it in he event I go to midwifery school, plus it's just a good thing to do to incorporate with the doula work.

And in case you're wondering, I'm still pregnant.  39 weeks on Thursday.  Capt Jack has dropped so low he may just fall out.  I would really like to be able to cough without having to sit on the damn toilet.  I've got a bad cold, so I'm coughing a lot these days.  UGH.  I'll probably have them strip my membranes at the next appointment and see if that'll get things going.

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