Mar 14, 2011

Capt Jack has ARRIVED!!!!

Jack has arrived!  WOO HOO!  It was a hell of a weekend....  not only was there a tsunami in Thursday/Friday, Em fell off the monkey bars Friday afternoon and broke her arm, but I had my baby shower AND a baby!  Justin's mom can never say we don't have exciting events when she visits.  
Obligatory baby pics!

I think he’s pretty adorable, but I’m more than a little biased. He’s a pretty chill baby, doesn’t cry much. He does make these weird pterodactyl sounds, and LOVES the boobs. Last night he just wanted to cuddle up against them to sleep. My milk is already coming in because of the attention paid to them. I feel pretty good. My bits are sore, and my butt hurts, but no IV and no interventions make for a crazy easy recovery.
Tl;dr birth story to follow, so you can skip it if you want. ;)
The delivery was interesting. I made it to my shower and then a few friends came over and hung out for a little while. I went to bed a little after midnight, and fell asleep close to 1. I woke up at 4:10 with a super strong contraction. I had another couple, pretty close together and then they really started so I hopped in the shower where they started coming one on top of another. I woke Justin up and let him know what was happening. He grabbed his notebook and tried to time them, but fell back asleep face down on the bed. Then I had a few more, and finally got him to wake up. Contractions were coming one right on top of another, and the toilet was the comfiest place EVAR. He came in, asked what I wanted him to do, so I told him to get his mom. When she came in I felt like I had to take a huge shit and was hyperventilating (I started panicking a bit). She looked at me and said it was probably time to go. :) Justin called Angela, L&D and the midwife pager, we got me dressed (no jeans- skirt!) and headed down to the car.
Once we got to the car it was like the fucking Keystone Cops. I crawled in the back seat, but there was no way I was sitting. I was kneeling. Justin told me to sit. I said no. Sit. No. Sit, this isn’t safe! NO. Ok, just make sure I can see out the back. And he shoved a towel under me in case my water broke. The car ride felt AWESOME. The vibrations were perfect and the breeze from the windows felt wonderful. I asked him if he really needed to stop at the stop lights- couldn’t we just treat them like a stop sign? No. Apparently we couldn’t. :p
Once we got there I had him open the door and we had issues putting my shoes on. Apparently my toes didn’t want to work, so Justin had some problems. It didn’t help that my ass was in the air with my head pressed into the seat…. Finally I got out, and holy fuck- it was even worse. I practically ran to one of the benches and proceeded to put my head on my towel (which I grabbed) and stuck my ass in the air. Justin kept reminding me we needed to get upstairs when a cop car pulled up and helped us out. They got me a wheelchair and we did the stereotypical ride to L&D. Got to triage, midwife checked me and I was fully dilated, at 0 station. Funniest part was when the nurse was ready to take me to my room and I had a super contraction. Justin, Supermadchen and the nurse were waiting and I thought they were staring at me so I told them not to. They all looked away and tried not to laugh.
Once I got to the room, I got on the bed, and holy fuck- I had huge ass contraction and the biggest urge to push EVER. So I roared (seriously), and with one push my water broke and he was crowning. I tried to push his head the rest of the way, but apparently I have scar tissue of steel from the first two and the episiotomies I had with them and it just wouldn’t stretch. The MW did her best to not cut again but she had too. :( Oh well. The he was out, they took him over to the warmer and did their thing. Apparently there was meconium in the fluid and he had the cord around his neck once. He hadn’t aspirated the meconium, though, so once he was cleaned up they handed him to Justin who brought him to me and you saw the pics after that. He was born at 6:33am, 2 hrs and 23 min after I woke up. Well, 1 week, 1 day, 2hrs and 23 min after labor started I guess. :p I can honestly say I’m FUCKING THRILLED I don’t have to do it again. I love my kids, but damn- the way they barrel into the world is a bit much for me. I didn’t even have time to change- I delivered with my skirt hiked up around my waist and my own shirt on (which happened to be my Of Course the World Revolves Around Me shirt).
SO that’s the story….. I know there’s more, but the tiny raptor is going to be asking for food pretty soon. I'll be back, with more photos. 

Mar 1, 2011



Seriously, I am fucking thrilled to see February GO.  I don't know why Feb is usually incredibly crappy, but it is.  This year was no exception.

So what happened this year?  Not as much shit as last year, but it was still a doozy.  Justin had his first inpatient stay for his bipolar disorder.  He hit a manic phase hard and fast the week before Valentine's Day.  I called his dr to let him know and when the dr saw him the next day, he sent Justin straight up to Tripler where he spent the next 6 days in the psych ward.  The good news out of all this is that there was a major meds change which took him off of three meds, is finally allowing him to lose weight (like 10lbs or more since he got home on Feb 14th) and he feels more level headed.  He's a lot like he was before he went on the Lamictal, without the crazy of the bipolar interfering.  He can even sleep without help!  He helps clean the house!  HE COOKS.  I love it.

We also found out his med board hasn't even been submitted yet.  It needs to be re-written a third time.  We're pretty sure the stay at Tripler will get him retired and probably some significant disability from the VA.  I'm just tired of waiting.  It sucks.  Now we likely won't be moving till the fall.

So that was the drama this year.  In other news, I made it to the doula class.  It was fucking amazing.  I am so excited to start doing it. What surprised me the most about the training was how well the whole philosophy fits in with my view on life. This is not meant to sound political, but I am pro-choice down to the core. As in, not my life, not my decision, and as long as you aren’t hurting people, do your thing. That’s the whole concept surrounding doula-ing, at least to me. We’re there to support a woman inher choices for birth. We help make it the best experience she can have. We’re not there to make clinical decisions, fight with staff or make dads interact or not. We’re there to support the families in whatever they choose to do. It’s pretty cool, and when I think about it, a real weight off my mind. I’m glad I just have to tell someone “You’re doing fine! Here, let’s try this, it may make you feel better.” Way easier than making clinical decisions, that’s for sure.  Now I just need to do some childbirth educator training.  I need it in he event I go to midwifery school, plus it's just a good thing to do to incorporate with the doula work.

And in case you're wondering, I'm still pregnant.  39 weeks on Thursday.  Capt Jack has dropped so low he may just fall out.  I would really like to be able to cough without having to sit on the damn toilet.  I've got a bad cold, so I'm coughing a lot these days.  UGH.  I'll probably have them strip my membranes at the next appointment and see if that'll get things going.