Feb 19, 2011

36 Weeks

Somehow I forgot to do this last week.  Oh yeah, that's right- I was dealing with some shit.  So here's 36 weeks.  Boy has decided to drop more, I pee all the damn time and get stuck if I lay the wrong way.  Dignity- I has none.

Feb 5, 2011

Hitting the home stretch

I'm almost 36 weeks (this coming Thursday).  It seems like just yesterday I was arguing with Justin and Angela about peeing on a stick.  No- that was 8 months ago.  Eeek!

We are just about ready.  We have a few things to move around in the spare room, but that won't take long once Doug or Mark comes over to help.  I need to find a dresser to put all his clothes and stuff in, too.

We've been incredibly lucky in the baby equipment dept.  The only thing we've had to buy for ourselves is the pack n play for next to the bed.  We're getting a carseat from Mark and Amber, a swing and exersaucer from Ryan and Clover, clothes from just about everyone, Gina and Jesse got us the stroller we wanted and I found a breastpump still in its hermetically sealed package at the Airman'sAttic this past Thursday.  I'm even pretty set on diapers, I think.  I should probably make some more smalls, but as soon as I get my snaps, I can finish up all the ones with no closures and make a few more covers.  I'll be set then.  I do need to get nursing bras and a Boppy.  But I'm waiting for the Boppy and a few other things to see what comes at the shower.  I got enough gauze to do two woven wraps and ordered the hardware for a soft-structured carrier today.  It's perfect for when he gets older, and I'll make it manly so Justin will use it.

I am so ready to be done.  He's BIG, and likes to grind his head into my cervix.  Last night I was up 5 times between peeing a couple contractions that woke me up.  I had to miss Angela's birthday party today because I was so beat.  We were able to take down the tree and clean the spare room out, though, so that was a plus.  Well- Justin did.  I took ornaments off the tree and supervised everything else.  Bending over is not easy these days.

So that's where we stand.  He just has to stay in place until the beginning of March.  I have my doula class the end of this month, and I'd really, really like to be able to go.  Plus Justin's mom is coming out on the 9th to help out.  It would be awesome if we didn't have park the girls with neighbors because their baby brother decided to be impatient.

BTW- here's the almost completed diaper stash: