Jan 13, 2011

32 wks

Here's this month's belly shot.  32 weeks down, 8 more to go.  Midwife appointment tomorrow, so I'll make another update then if anything big comes out of it.

I looks like someone decided to drop a bit.

32 wks

Things are going well so far.  NB diaper stash is just about done, and I have plenty for as he gets bigger.  Right now I'm standing at 36 NB (combo of fitted and PF), 24 premium IPFs, 15 or so pockets, and 6 med fitteds.  Just need to make a couple wetbags, a few more covers and the soakers for the diapers.  I'm planning on pretty much universal soakers, so I can use them in the pockets and the fitteds (lay in type).  I can also use the infant PFs in the pockets, so I'm doing well.  I just want all this done before he comes and we move.  I need to be covered through June/July.

We're pretty set on all the baby stuff, too.  Amber is giving us Evan's bucket, and I have a couple pouches.  I still need to make a mei tai.  We could probably use some more NB/0-3 month clothes.  We got a small Pack N Play for upstairs in our room, but need the bigger for downstairs.  Still need the stroller, too.  I'm kind of waiting for the shower to see what we get, just because I hate returning stuff.  I know that sounds  little jerky, but my friends are throwing me one (because they are AWESOME).  No point in duplicating, and I have plenty of time to shop.

We're even covered for someone to watch the girls while I'm in the hospital.  Justin's mom is coming out while the girls are on spring break, which just happens to start the day after Capt Jack's due.  They'll have a great time with their Granny here, and we won't need to worry about bouncing the girls around from friend to friend.  Plus Arlene likes to cook and clean and take care of people, so she can do that to her heart's content.  I'll probably need that sling they use to transport whales if he's not born by then, so it'll be a welcome help.