Dec 5, 2010

Yay, I've hit 100!

100 posts on this blog that is.  And nope- no giveaways, presents or anything cool.  Instead we talk about diapers.

I think I have everything I need to make Capt Jack's diaper stash.  The last of the flannel is on its way, and I got my huge box from  I'm getting a bunch of prefolds from someone on Rav, which will work for a variety of things.  I just need to get cutting and sewing.  Oh, and I need to order snap pliers.  That may wait till next paycheck, though.  We'll see.  I probably need to knit some more soakers, too, but I'm waiting for the pattern I test knit to be finished so I can do larger sizes.  I don't want to do too many small ones, since I know Anne is making me some (Dr Who themes, FTMFW!).

I really want to start getting baby stuff, but I don't know what people are getting for my shower.  Plus my parents will want to get him something, and they usually get the big stuff.  I don't want to ask, but I may have to.  All we really need is the carseat, Pack N Play and a place for him to sleep upstairs, and maybe a few more shirts and sleepers.  The rest is just extra.  Nice to have, but extra.

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