Dec 27, 2010

Since our last episode....

Yeah, not much has happened.  Still pregnant!  Getting bigger every day!

Well, not really.  I've actually LOST a pound since my last appt.  I'm eating, I swear.  There's just less room for food these days.  Likewise, I can't sleep on my back.  It makes it so I can't breathe.  Oxygen is kind of important, you know?  Plus the burning ligament of doom.  Right in my crotch.  Yeah, this guy can be born.  I am DONE.

I think I've got the diapering down.  I've been making a lot, and I got my 2 doz prefolds on Christmas Eve. I washed them and they're nice.  Not exactly what I was expecting but.... well, I have no idea what I was expecting.  But I like them.  They're nice and thick.  I'm waiting on some infant ones from a Raveler, and I'll make some soakers from the terry I have.  I got my snap press today and made a GREAT diaper.  It's a pocket with grey velour on the inside, a one-size.  I think it's a little small, but whatever.  It'll work.

I had more to say.  I'll give a Christmas rundown later.  This was really the best Christmas we've had in a long time.  My husband is amazing and my kids are awesome.  Even when they're super loud.


Em said...

When I first started cloth diapering, I didn't think I would use prefolds much for more than burp cloths, but I found that they were my favorite once my baby got bigger! I loved the ones I made for him, but then just started making PUL covers with FOE and I liked that much better than the pocket diapers I had.

Sara said...

Yeah, sorry, still jealous! 28 weeks, 32 lbs gained already. And Im not eating everything in sight, I swear.