Dec 4, 2010

Ennui, I has it

Well, sort of.

Today was an odd day.  Justin got up with the girls, but his new meds made him sleepy.  So he passed out on the couch after putting a call into his doc to make sure he wasn't dying (he's not- it's a normal side effect).  I came downstairs to find him snoring on the couch, and joined him.  Took Maddie lunch, then went over to the GS hale to get her vest and stuff.  Justin came with.  Went to the mall, ran into my friend Sunny, got some moisturizer.  Justin was out of it most of the day.

We got home and fully planned on grocery shopping.  I had a headache that turned into a migraine rather quickly.  So I passed out on the couch with a heat pack on my eyes, where I apparently snored VERY loudly and had weird Star Trek dreams (I had ST:TNG on the TV.  I think it bled through).  Woke up to Justin bringing me pizza.  I love that man.

That's been what this week has been like.  Weird.  Busy in spurts.  We spent all Monday morning at Tripler, since Justin had an appt with a new psych to get his meds straightened out then his vasectomy was at 10:30.  WOOHOO!  That's right, ladies, his factory is SHUT DOWN.  After Capt Jack Blueberry Hulk is born, there will be no more babies from us.  While we were there, we got a call from Travis that Darcee was in labor.  Luckily Amber was able to watch Annika- I just had to pick her up and take her to school.  :)  Justin didn't even want our children around, much less anyone else's.  He's still really sore.

So I've spent the last few days babying him, picking up children, taking them places, and running errands.  I did get to go see the baby, an she's a-dorable.  I really was hoping to get some sewing done.  I did make it to Fabric Mart yesterday and got the thread for my serger.  I got that threaded (on the second try!  I am awesome.  Or my serger is easy to thread.  I think it's a combo of both) and practiced on it a bit.  Now I just need to sketch some stuff out and dig through my fabric.  I think I might start with some bags for the girls to use for GS.  Then I'll move on to pj's and diapers.

Tomorrow is wicked busy.  Maddie has her GS cookie walk in the afternoon.  I have to go because Justin's balls are still sore.  They're not so bad he can't walk anymore, but still pretty sore if he walks too much.  I may sew on Sun.  Or Monday.  We'll see.

I'm hoping next week settles a bit.

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familyofmgms said...

Marshall just got snipped about 2 weeks ago! Yay for no more birth control (After the "trial period" to make sure it worked....or whatever!). We waited until after Maverick was born because we wanted to make sure everything was alright with him before we decided we didn't want anymore for sure. I was surprised they would do it over here in Korea, but they did! The doc did hassle him a little and told him they weren't comfortable doing the procedure on someone his age, but in the end, he got what he wanted.