Nov 28, 2010

More Giftmas...

Goldfish memory- engaged.  So you get another list.  Get used to it.

I think I've narrowed down what to make for the girls.  I hit the AWESOME flannel sale at JoAnn's on Black Friday and got enough to do diapers and make pj pants for me and the girls, plus a bunch for diapers (19yds for $40) .  Maddie's will be skulls and hearts and Em's will be monkeys.  Pillowcase dresses for each, but more fitted at the waist.  I may do a tie or elastic so they can use them for a while.  Tie straps, too.  I need to figure out the embroidery.  Both will get the cat mitts and headbands- black for Maddie and white for Em.  I have plenty of Peace Fleece in both colors, so I'll use that.  The pillowcases are already bought, too.  I just need to get the thread for the serger, elastic and ribbon.  Maybe some embroidery floss.  I need to look for a pj pants pattern for the girls.  I'm debating drafting my own from some Old Navy ones they have and like or just buying one.

I'll have plenty of sewing time this week, since Justin will be home M-W.  He's getting snipped tomorrow morning.  :D  So he'll be sitting on the couch playing video games and watching bad TV while I work on Giftmas stuff.

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