Nov 19, 2010

More could be Facebook statuses

Because it's been a while and I'm lazy, you get more Almost-Facebook statuses.  I'll put up a more coherent post..... sometime.  :p

Dr's appt yesterday.  It was super quick, in and out, even found parking easily!  Baby is good, weight is good, I'm good.  My hips are fucking killing me, but it's part of pregnancy.  24 weeks and counting....  I'm almost to end of the second trimester.  Eeeeek.

I've been printing off patterns and buying fabric for cloth diapers.  I even cut some out the other day.  Best of all?  JUSTIN BOUGHT ME A SERGER.  WOO HOO!  I'm wicked excited.  Can you tell?

Nothing new on the med board.  It's finally being submitted.  We'll know what the informal board says sometime in Feb.  Then we make the call to take it to the formal board in San Antonio or not.

There was thunder and lightning last night!  It was just a few times, and sad, but it was still there.  I loved it.  I miss good storms.

And that's all the goldfish brain will let me remember at the moment.  :p

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