Oct 11, 2010

In which I organize

I organized my craft closet today.  I found some wire cubbies in the garage that used to be in the girls' room.  There's no space in there for them now (well, maybe in their closet, but they just pull them apart), so I commandeered them.  I thought they would work great for fabric and yarn storage.  The only question was, where?  I didn't want them out, because of cats and sunlight (cats will sleep in the yarn and fabric and the sunlight will fade them).  Ahhhhh- the closet!  I had everything in bins, and it was a big pain in the ass to pull every single bin out to get to the ONE I needed, then go through it to find what I want.  Now I can just look at my cubbies and pull a stack out to get what I need.  I even managed to cull some of the stash, both yarn and fabric.  I have a pile of fabric to send to my mom and some acrylic and novelty yarns for either the Airmen's Attic or any of the Aloha Knitters who might want it.  I even made a "To Frog" bag of projects that will never be finished.

The awesome thing was that the majority of it fit into the cubbies with room to spare.  I kept the fiber in bins, just to it'll all be in one place.

I still have the metric butt-ton of fiber from Ariana to go through.  I may offer it up to LSGers for the cost of postage.  I need to see what I want to keep.  I'm debating on the fleeces.  With the baby coming, I don't know that I'll have time to do all the work to spin it all up, much less pick it, wash it and comb/card it.

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