Oct 21, 2010



The ultrasound was OSSIM.  The regular tech had to go somewhere so we got an OB and an OB in training.  Apparently the boy was NOT shy.  The first thing the dr said was, "Congratulations, you are having a boy."  Justin got the biggest grin.  Then the kid got shy and he started hiding the goods.  :(  But the scan was really long so he eventually forgot to hide his bits.  

The ultrasound itself was pretty interesting.  Once we told the dr we both were interested in what all the parts were he was looking at and why, he talked to all of us, not just the med student.  Then he let the student practice for a bit while he got a tech who was better at ultrasounds.  She's the one who got the junk shot here.  She was laughing when I told her we have two girls and I needed less estrogen in my house.  The cat doesn't count- he's fixed.  :p

Justin had bet me lunch it was a boy, so after we got done and the obligatory text messages were sent, we went to McD's.  He was kind of in a haze.  It was adorable.  After that we went to the NEX and Target.  He wanted to get the boy a ball glove.  :p  We finally did our registry at Target, which was WAY too fun.  We fought over the gun.  There's probably some dumb shit on the registry, but whatever.  It's the first time in three kids we've been able to do it!  Watching Justin get into the baby stuff was awesome.  He kind of hung back with the girls because of the undiagnosed bipolar, but this time he's super involved.  I let him add whatever the hell he wanted.  There are a few things I know we don't need and likely won't get, but that's ok.  

And yes, we have a name picked out.  No we're not keeping it secret.  This boy will be named Jack Edward, after two pirates (Calico Jack and Blackbeard- Edward Teach), as well as Justin's great grandfather (Edward) and my great-grandmother's brother (Jack Edward).  We didn't find out about the connection in my family until well after we'd picked the name, but it makes me happy.  I wasn't able to name a girl after Grandma Dorothy, so her brother will have to do.  This Jack Edward will make it out of childhood.  :)

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Modestshay said...

Babby is formed looking like a roast chicken. :P Congrats on the roast chicken!