Oct 27, 2010


It seems readership has fallen.  I really am that boring.  Boo.  Hiss.

Oh well.  Onto the snore inducing stuff!

I'm test knitting a soaker pattern for a fellow Raveler.  This soaker is truly awesome.  It's well written and includes a section where you can customize the whole damn thing.  It's the first one I'm thinking about getting a cottage license for and selling on Etsy.

I kind of fucked the first one up.  But it was a test knit, so I expected it to be a little wonky.

See those skinny little chicken legs?  Yeah, no child of mine will have legs that small.  I make fat babies. I also screwed up the short rows and a few other things.  I'm doing a second in Peace Fleece, which is turning out to be a little wide, but seemingly bulletproof.  I like it.  

We've got the baby registry pretty much done.  It's on Target and Amazon, and if you know my real name, you can find me.  Not like it's hard to figure that out, right?  Now we're just waiting.  Jack is fattening up, and my ass is growing to counterbalance the belly.  Ugh.  

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Em said...

I think the soaker looks pretty good... it might have fit one of my babies for a little while... those little leggies will stretch some right? I just found your blog from a link on my sister's (Windshields and Rearview Mirrors) Now SHE has skinny-legged babies! :)