Oct 5, 2010

Day Two

The Prisoner is progressing well.  Today she cleaned the bathrooms and finished the lawn.  She and her sister folded and put away the laundry they had dumped on their floor yesterday.  She'll do some laundry this afternoon, but since she put in an extra hour or so yesterday when Mark came over to help with the lawn, I'm letting her have an easy day.  Plus she went and did her work without being poked.  I can respect that, and will reward it.

We did have to have a small chat on why you don't leave the toilet brush on the dining room chair.  Ew.

Tomorrow she'll clean out the car, vacuum it and wash it.  We don't have a lot of trash with Justin being gone, so she can do the garbage can Thursday.

Speaking of Justin being gone, he may end up staying longer than we thought.  His dad is having an MRI today, and based on the results of that he'll have the surgery to repair the aneurism in his heart as well as place the pacemaker.  Justin will need/want to stay for that to make sure it all goes well, so if the surgery isn't scheduled till Thursday or Friday he'll need to push his return date back.  We'll know more later today.

I'm planning on finishing up my craft area.  I need to get my shelf put up and clear out some boxes.  I may put up some wire shelves and the memo board, too.  I am in desperate need of shirts that will cover my belly and since everyone has long sleeved stuff right now, I'll have to make them.  All the tanks I've found are either wicked expensive (since they're out of season), fugly or not in my size since they've been picked over.  I picked up a couple of awesome shirts in the men's section at Target on Sat- a Goonies one and a Metallica one.  I'll be taking those in to make them fit better.  I also have  shirt from Motherhood Maternity I want to recreate.  There aren't really any hems and I have some fabric that will work well, I think.  The awesome thing about making your own shirts, esp maternity ones, is that when I'm not pregnant anymore I can take them in to be regular shirts.  It's way easier to remove fabric than it is to add it.  So I'll have some awesome nursing tops, too.  I plan on doing it to all my maternity clothes.

I'm kicking the girls outside to play in an hour or so.  Maddie can do laundry tonight.  She needs to go play with her friends.

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