Oct 4, 2010

Day One

The prisoner has started her sentence.  Her first job was scrubbing out the cat box after I emptied it.  Not a bad job, but she managed to get herself all wet and had to change.

Next up were the floors.  I handed her a pair of gloves, a scrub brush and filled a bucket with warm water and Lysol.  Told her I wanted to be able to eat off the floors when she was done.  She tried to tell me she was done 5 min after she started.  Uh, no.  Floor being wet/=clean.  There was still stuff stuck to the floor and the baseboards had crap.  So she had to re-do it.  Then we moved on to the small tiled area by the door, and then the spot under the cat box.  Oh, the cat box....

The cat got angry his box wasn't in its customary spot and decided to pee on the floor.  That meant not just the area where the box goes, but the ENTIRE laundry room needed to be done.  Thanks, cat.  I love you.

Now she's working on the dining room, and following it up will be rinsing all the floors with clear water.  Then she can scrub the bathrooms.

Tomorrow is mowing the lawn.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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