Oct 22, 2010

20w 1d

Here's the 20w belly. The baby has moved all up front. I don't look all that different from the back (except for my ass being bigger). It's kind of nice. With the girls I was HYOOOOOGE- I carried them all over. This guy is nice and compact. Weight gain is awesome- only 15 lbs, and has slowed considerably since the first few weeks (when I gained almost 10 lbs). It looks like I may end up around 25lbs gained this time. I'm not complaining.

He's been super active since yesterday. Justin can't feel him kick unless it's a good wallop, but he can feel it when Jack rolls. I don't feel the rolling as much, other than the Braxton-Hicks they cause. :) Another week or so and we'll probably start to get the Alien-type moves. Those are fun. And strange. Freaky, towards the end.

The girls are wicked excited. The first thing they asked yesterday when they got home was if the baby was a boy or a girl. Justin's plan to leave the baseball glove on the couch backfired- they just saw a glove. They both have one, so what was the big deal? Then they realized it's not pink, it's BOY colors. It was hilarious. I'm pretty happy we've raised them to see sports equipment as just that- equipment, with no gender attachment. :)

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