Oct 27, 2010


It seems readership has fallen.  I really am that boring.  Boo.  Hiss.

Oh well.  Onto the snore inducing stuff!

I'm test knitting a soaker pattern for a fellow Raveler.  This soaker is truly awesome.  It's well written and includes a section where you can customize the whole damn thing.  It's the first one I'm thinking about getting a cottage license for and selling on Etsy.

I kind of fucked the first one up.  But it was a test knit, so I expected it to be a little wonky.

See those skinny little chicken legs?  Yeah, no child of mine will have legs that small.  I make fat babies. I also screwed up the short rows and a few other things.  I'm doing a second in Peace Fleece, which is turning out to be a little wide, but seemingly bulletproof.  I like it.  

We've got the baby registry pretty much done.  It's on Target and Amazon, and if you know my real name, you can find me.  Not like it's hard to figure that out, right?  Now we're just waiting.  Jack is fattening up, and my ass is growing to counterbalance the belly.  Ugh.  

Oct 22, 2010

20w 1d

Here's the 20w belly. The baby has moved all up front. I don't look all that different from the back (except for my ass being bigger). It's kind of nice. With the girls I was HYOOOOOGE- I carried them all over. This guy is nice and compact. Weight gain is awesome- only 15 lbs, and has slowed considerably since the first few weeks (when I gained almost 10 lbs). It looks like I may end up around 25lbs gained this time. I'm not complaining.

He's been super active since yesterday. Justin can't feel him kick unless it's a good wallop, but he can feel it when Jack rolls. I don't feel the rolling as much, other than the Braxton-Hicks they cause. :) Another week or so and we'll probably start to get the Alien-type moves. Those are fun. And strange. Freaky, towards the end.

The girls are wicked excited. The first thing they asked yesterday when they got home was if the baby was a boy or a girl. Justin's plan to leave the baseball glove on the couch backfired- they just saw a glove. They both have one, so what was the big deal? Then they realized it's not pink, it's BOY colors. It was hilarious. I'm pretty happy we've raised them to see sports equipment as just that- equipment, with no gender attachment. :)

Oct 21, 2010



The ultrasound was OSSIM.  The regular tech had to go somewhere so we got an OB and an OB in training.  Apparently the boy was NOT shy.  The first thing the dr said was, "Congratulations, you are having a boy."  Justin got the biggest grin.  Then the kid got shy and he started hiding the goods.  :(  But the scan was really long so he eventually forgot to hide his bits.  

The ultrasound itself was pretty interesting.  Once we told the dr we both were interested in what all the parts were he was looking at and why, he talked to all of us, not just the med student.  Then he let the student practice for a bit while he got a tech who was better at ultrasounds.  She's the one who got the junk shot here.  She was laughing when I told her we have two girls and I needed less estrogen in my house.  The cat doesn't count- he's fixed.  :p

Justin had bet me lunch it was a boy, so after we got done and the obligatory text messages were sent, we went to McD's.  He was kind of in a haze.  It was adorable.  After that we went to the NEX and Target.  He wanted to get the boy a ball glove.  :p  We finally did our registry at Target, which was WAY too fun.  We fought over the gun.  There's probably some dumb shit on the registry, but whatever.  It's the first time in three kids we've been able to do it!  Watching Justin get into the baby stuff was awesome.  He kind of hung back with the girls because of the undiagnosed bipolar, but this time he's super involved.  I let him add whatever the hell he wanted.  There are a few things I know we don't need and likely won't get, but that's ok.  

And yes, we have a name picked out.  No we're not keeping it secret.  This boy will be named Jack Edward, after two pirates (Calico Jack and Blackbeard- Edward Teach), as well as Justin's great grandfather (Edward) and my great-grandmother's brother (Jack Edward).  We didn't find out about the connection in my family until well after we'd picked the name, but it makes me happy.  I wasn't able to name a girl after Grandma Dorothy, so her brother will have to do.  This Jack Edward will make it out of childhood.  :)

Oct 11, 2010

In which I organize

I organized my craft closet today.  I found some wire cubbies in the garage that used to be in the girls' room.  There's no space in there for them now (well, maybe in their closet, but they just pull them apart), so I commandeered them.  I thought they would work great for fabric and yarn storage.  The only question was, where?  I didn't want them out, because of cats and sunlight (cats will sleep in the yarn and fabric and the sunlight will fade them).  Ahhhhh- the closet!  I had everything in bins, and it was a big pain in the ass to pull every single bin out to get to the ONE I needed, then go through it to find what I want.  Now I can just look at my cubbies and pull a stack out to get what I need.  I even managed to cull some of the stash, both yarn and fabric.  I have a pile of fabric to send to my mom and some acrylic and novelty yarns for either the Airmen's Attic or any of the Aloha Knitters who might want it.  I even made a "To Frog" bag of projects that will never be finished.

The awesome thing was that the majority of it fit into the cubbies with room to spare.  I kept the fiber in bins, just to it'll all be in one place.

I still have the metric butt-ton of fiber from Ariana to go through.  I may offer it up to LSGers for the cost of postage.  I need to see what I want to keep.  I'm debating on the fleeces.  With the baby coming, I don't know that I'll have time to do all the work to spin it all up, much less pick it, wash it and comb/card it.

Oct 9, 2010

Knitting-0, Sewing-2

In the knitting mojo vs. sewing mojo contest, sewing seems to be winning.  I've been making all sorts of stuff recently.  I think it's a combination of pregnancy causing me to have the attention span of a goldfish and the need for instant gratification.

I have plans for more maternity wear over the next few weeks.  I started the Metallica shirt last night, but the elastic ruching looks like ass.  Not to mention there's math involved.  Math me no likey.  I'm going to go with my original plan to refashion it based on my favorite tank top.

Next up is a kilt, or kilt-type skirt, based on a Utilikilt.  Angela sent me the pattern she used for Socklicker's kilt a while back, and I'm thinking of modifying that to fit a growing belly.  I would be using all the same techniques (pleating, measuring, etc), but instead of a traditional apron that buckles or Velcros, I would replace that with a stretchy knit panel at the top, leaving the rest of the apron as a mock apron.  Someone asked me how it stays a kilt, but really, I don't think that modification changes too much.  I need something that won't be ZOMGSOHOOOOOTTTTTTTT here but still has pockets.  I love my jeans, but the baby has turned up my internal furnace.  They're just getting to warm.

My maternity wardrobe is getting to be pretty bad-ass.

Oct 6, 2010

Make your own maternity shirt!

Being somewhat poor (hey, military families only make so much!) and pregnant means finding maternity clothes cheap.  Unfortunately, most of those are downright UGLY, if not, dare I say it?  FUGLY.  What is it about designers that makes them think "Oh pregnant women LOVE ruffles!  They LOVE pastels!  Let's make REALLY BIG COLLARS so no one notices they're pregnant!  Let's put cute baby sayings on ALL THE THINGS!"


Women like me want to wear the same stuff we wore BEFORE we got pregnant.  In my case, that's jeans, tank tops and awesome t-shirts.  Now a few designers HAVE come up with some pretty bad ass maternity shirts.  Unfortunately, they also cost WAY more than I'm willing to spend on a shirt I'll wear for less than nine months.  What's a crafty girl to do?

Make her own, that's what.  For a while now I've been researching how to make a shirt using another as a template.  I've been practicing sewing on knits.  I even made a skirt that looks pretty good, if my ass wasn't lumpy with pregnancy fat (it's been retired for post-partum wear).  So when my husband and I were in Target on Sat, looking for a few things for him, I found a couple of awesome shirts that just cried out for a makeover.

This shirt:

Became this one:

Total cost?  $11 for the shirt.  You may spend a few dollars more if you need thread and ballpoint needles.

Want to know how to do it?  Well here you go.

Goonies Maternity Shirt

You’ll need:

A maternity t shirt that fits you well

A super awesome men’s XL or XXL t shirt, or one 2-3 sizes bigger than you normally wear- MAKE SURE IT’S BEEN WASHED AND DRIED. You may want to try it on to make sure it fits around your belly with some ease.

Paper to make pattern (I used freezer paper taped together, but brown craft paper or leftover wrapping paper would work fine)

Thread to match the finished shirt

Pins, lots of them

Ballpoint or jersey needles for your sewing machine (trust me here)


Chalk or a marking pencil

Scissors, both for fabric and paper

A sewing machine or serger (goes faster, but you can hand stitch if you have the patience)

And here's the pattern.....

Oct 5, 2010

A song for Justin

This song is totally us. :D

(Make sure you turn off the autoplay music on the blog)

Day Two

The Prisoner is progressing well.  Today she cleaned the bathrooms and finished the lawn.  She and her sister folded and put away the laundry they had dumped on their floor yesterday.  She'll do some laundry this afternoon, but since she put in an extra hour or so yesterday when Mark came over to help with the lawn, I'm letting her have an easy day.  Plus she went and did her work without being poked.  I can respect that, and will reward it.

We did have to have a small chat on why you don't leave the toilet brush on the dining room chair.  Ew.

Tomorrow she'll clean out the car, vacuum it and wash it.  We don't have a lot of trash with Justin being gone, so she can do the garbage can Thursday.

Speaking of Justin being gone, he may end up staying longer than we thought.  His dad is having an MRI today, and based on the results of that he'll have the surgery to repair the aneurism in his heart as well as place the pacemaker.  Justin will need/want to stay for that to make sure it all goes well, so if the surgery isn't scheduled till Thursday or Friday he'll need to push his return date back.  We'll know more later today.

I'm planning on finishing up my craft area.  I need to get my shelf put up and clear out some boxes.  I may put up some wire shelves and the memo board, too.  I am in desperate need of shirts that will cover my belly and since everyone has long sleeved stuff right now, I'll have to make them.  All the tanks I've found are either wicked expensive (since they're out of season), fugly or not in my size since they've been picked over.  I picked up a couple of awesome shirts in the men's section at Target on Sat- a Goonies one and a Metallica one.  I'll be taking those in to make them fit better.  I also have  shirt from Motherhood Maternity I want to recreate.  There aren't really any hems and I have some fabric that will work well, I think.  The awesome thing about making your own shirts, esp maternity ones, is that when I'm not pregnant anymore I can take them in to be regular shirts.  It's way easier to remove fabric than it is to add it.  So I'll have some awesome nursing tops, too.  I plan on doing it to all my maternity clothes.

I'm kicking the girls outside to play in an hour or so.  Maddie can do laundry tonight.  She needs to go play with her friends.

Oct 4, 2010

Day One

The prisoner has started her sentence.  Her first job was scrubbing out the cat box after I emptied it.  Not a bad job, but she managed to get herself all wet and had to change.

Next up were the floors.  I handed her a pair of gloves, a scrub brush and filled a bucket with warm water and Lysol.  Told her I wanted to be able to eat off the floors when she was done.  She tried to tell me she was done 5 min after she started.  Uh, no.  Floor being wet/=clean.  There was still stuff stuck to the floor and the baseboards had crap.  So she had to re-do it.  Then we moved on to the small tiled area by the door, and then the spot under the cat box.  Oh, the cat box....

The cat got angry his box wasn't in its customary spot and decided to pee on the floor.  That meant not just the area where the box goes, but the ENTIRE laundry room needed to be done.  Thanks, cat.  I love you.

Now she's working on the dining room, and following it up will be rinsing all the floors with clear water.  Then she can scrub the bathrooms.

Tomorrow is mowing the lawn.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oct 3, 2010

Allll by myyyyyyysellllllffffff!

Because Justin is in Nashville this week.

His father had heart attack #7 on Friday night.  Luckily his friend was with him and was able to get him to the hospital.  They still had to shock him 7 times to get his heart rhythm back.  He was out of it and on a vent till this morning.  Justin headed out there on emergency leave yesterday, and got there this morning.  His dad was awake and talking, and is on less medication than he had been.  He'll likely have a pacemaker/defibrillator put in tomorrow or the next day and then it's just a matter of healing up.  We were horribly worried (obviously) that he wouldn't make it this time.  He's like a goddamn cat, with all those lives.

I seriously miss Justin.  Nights are the worst, since I never sleep well without him in the bed, even when he's just downstairs.  But I am kind of enjoying this time to myself.  I have some good plans for this week.  The girls are off school for fall break.  We'll be busy cleaning in the morning, since I'm playing warden to Maddie.  She lost a textbook and it's $46 to replace it.  So rather than her just handing over cash, she gets to every dirty, disgusting chore we have.  She'll be mowing the lawn with a mechanical lawn mower, raking and bagging the clippings, cleaning out the garbage cans (including the outside one), recycling bins and the courtyard off the kitchen, scrubbing floors and bathrooms and doing laundry.  We're such awful parents.  :p

The Blueberry is getting super active.  It squirms around all.the.time.  I'm 17 1/2 weeks- already!  Weight gain has been good- less than 15 lbs total so far, and I'm almost halfway through.  I seem to be gaining about 1/2 lb a week.  I'll be happy if this one ends with a decent weight gain.  The big ultrasound is in 2 1/2 weeks- Oct 21.  We are definitely finding out the flavor- we have shit to buy!