Sep 10, 2010

Report from the set!

I did my two days on Battleship! It was really long and tiring. I worked W/Th, doing a ceremony on the USS Missouri. I was in Navy whites for both days and holy fuck- keeping those things clean is a nightmare. And they’re polyester, so they’re hot.  The good news is I WILL be in the movie. Yesterday we did a section of the ceremony where you’ll see the back of my head. It was one take, so I know I made it in. Look for a red lei. I’m two people before the black guy.

ANYWAY- you guys are probably wondering about the actors… particularly Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood dude) and Talyor Kitsch (Gambit!). Oh, and did you know Liam Neeson was also in it? Yeah, saw him in person too. :D

Alexander Skarsgard is an awful actor. Very good looking in person, and also very, very nice. Yesterday they did a raffle thing where the producer gave one of the extras $500 in cash. AS was standing right behind me. We were joking with him about being tall enough to see when the rest of us in the back had to jump up and down. The acting, though…. holy shit. His delivery was terrible. It may have been the lines, but he had no idea how to deliver them and make them sound good. And then he tried to salute. Ugh. I think he got some help because he got better, but we were all snickering at first (there were a lot of AD and former military in the extras). That salute would NEVER have been acceptable in the real military.

Liam Neeson is just as amazing in person as he is on screen. Better actually, because his voice is fucking. amazing. It’s a lot deeper than the mics pick up, and very resonant. He seems to be a very private person, but was very polite and kind to all the crew. Not a jackass at all.

Taylor Kitsch is cool. Shorter than you would expect. Seems nice enough, but I didn’t see much of him. Very aloof. Seems a bit caught up in the stardom.

Rihanna…. That girl is a BITCH. She spent the entire first day looking all sulky, hiding behind things. She didn’t talk to anyone. I thought maybe because it hot, but not so much… she did the same thing the second day. She hid whenever she could. We were actually told that taking pictures of her specifically was NOT. ALLOWED. Then I saw her giving an interview yesterday afternoon and she was all happy and OMGIMSOGRATEFULTOBEHERE!. It was all fake. Fakefakefakityfake.

Peter Berg= OSSIM. Very Nice man. He kept telling us that if we needed anything let him or any of the crew know and they’d help us out. He was positive about everything, and just a great guy to work for. If you ever have the chance to work on any film or show of his, do it.

That’s about it. The days were long, I was tired and I smelled. They wanted me to do more days, but the heat and sweat isn’t worth the pay. I know I’ll be in the film and that’s enough for me.

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