Sep 2, 2010

I make-a da tings

I made a skirt!

Right now I'm trying to decide if it makes me look horribly lumpy or not.  I think there are a few things going on....

1-  The fabric is kind of clingy.  The skirt I modeled this on was made from a cotton knit.  It was much heavier than this is.  This is a rayon blend.  It's wicked soft, sewed like a dream and is soooooo comfortable and stretchy.  I may just say fuck it and wear this with longer shirts, just for the stretch factor.  

2-  Inappropriate underpants.  The underpants I have on are a wee bit small.  They bunch a bit under my belly.  They leave lines and don't quite cover everything they should cover.  I'm thinking a thong or these  humungous red boy shorts I have might work better.  

3-  Bad lighting.  This was taken in my sewing room (!- I have a sewing room!) with really bad lighting on a webcam.  I'm going to see Angela tomorrow, so I think I'll ask her how this looks.  The LSG hoars already have seen the pics.  I'm sure once people in the real world wake up and check Rav I'll get more opinions.  So far we're mostly in favor with one or two agreeing slightly lumpy.  

I am loving sewing on knits.  It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  You just need to pin the shit out of the cut edges.  My rotary cutter and mat have been awesome, too.  I don't need to move the fabric as much as with regular scissors, so my cut edges stay neater.  I will definitely be making more knit stuff.  

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