Aug 10, 2010


I got the call for Battleship today!  I'm going to be filming for four days  The first two will be on the USS Missouri, and I'll be in Navy utilities.  :D  Not sure about the other two, but I'll likely be just a family member or something.  Costume fitting is next week.  I'm really hoping they're going to put me in the new Navy BDU's, not the old dungarees.  I'm not sure I can hide the bump in dungarees.  If it's BDU's, I can wear a belly band and have the blouse hide it.  The lady I talked to was funny- "I know you were in the Air Force, but do you mind wearing a Navy uniform?"  Nope, not at all.

I will try to take pictures.  I'm not sure what will be allowed, but I plan on having my phone with me, which has a decent camera.  If I run into Talyor Kitsch, I'll be excited.  He was Gambit in Wolverine.  Maddie would fucking freak.  I want to take as little as possible with me, since I don't know exactly where I'll be leaving my stuff.  Essentials- business cards, phone, ID and a sock to keep in my pocket.  Uh, yeah, I'll be knitting.  WTF else will I do between takes?  I'm really hoping it's BDU's.... they have the pocket to hide all that and some protein bars so I don't pass out.

But yay!  I'm going to be in a BAD sci-fi movie!


choperena said...

That is awesome! I was an extra in a soap opera for a year in college, and it is definitely something. But a fun something. Good luck with the pictures and the pockets ^_^

Missy said...

coolio! have fun and if u can, of course take pics :)

jedi says maddie is such a girl for liking gambit... i had to ask what he meant and he said because gambit doesnt do anything. esp in the movie... but even in the comics he does nothing. and then he said its also because girls like him a lot tho cuz hes that rogue/bad boy image... haha i just stared at him laughing. lol

(cuz then he said i'm not normal and dont go for han solo types - that i go for luke skywalker types instead...but maddie likes the han solo types it seems)...