Aug 27, 2010

!2 weeks and counting....

Had my 12 wk appt yesterday. We got to see the Blueberry! The dr had some trouble finding the heartbeat witht he doppler, so I got a surprise! ultrasound. The kid was not happy. It’s measuring 12w 4d, which is big, but after 9ish weeks, the ultrasounds aren’t very accurate. Once we saw how it was laying, I’m not surprised she had trouble with the doppler. It immediately turned its back to us. I think it may have even flipped us off. Its arms are still very short, though, and the fingers are just out of the flipper stage, so I could be wrong. But there’s only one, and the one looks good. :D

I'm all set up with the midwives. Mrs Sur, the NP I saw was awesome about it.  Unlike a lot of drs, she had nothing to prove and was really positive about the midwife program.  She thought it was wonderful that I wanted to be seen through them.  Honestly, if she could do deliveries, and I had a guarantee of her doing my delivery, I would have stayed with her.  I loved her.  But the NPs only see patients to 36 weeks, then you go to the OBs.  Since I don't trust those OBs AT ALL, I'll stick with the midwives, thanks.  

Other than that, we're just waiting.  The med board package was submitted to the med group.  It should be at big AF in a week or two.  Then the waiting becomes months long.  BLEH.  But it gives us time to get the house pulled together, the garage cleaned out, and a bunch of other stuff done.  I'm ok with that.  

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