Aug 27, 2010

!2 weeks and counting....

Had my 12 wk appt yesterday. We got to see the Blueberry! The dr had some trouble finding the heartbeat witht he doppler, so I got a surprise! ultrasound. The kid was not happy. It’s measuring 12w 4d, which is big, but after 9ish weeks, the ultrasounds aren’t very accurate. Once we saw how it was laying, I’m not surprised she had trouble with the doppler. It immediately turned its back to us. I think it may have even flipped us off. Its arms are still very short, though, and the fingers are just out of the flipper stage, so I could be wrong. But there’s only one, and the one looks good. :D

I'm all set up with the midwives. Mrs Sur, the NP I saw was awesome about it.  Unlike a lot of drs, she had nothing to prove and was really positive about the midwife program.  She thought it was wonderful that I wanted to be seen through them.  Honestly, if she could do deliveries, and I had a guarantee of her doing my delivery, I would have stayed with her.  I loved her.  But the NPs only see patients to 36 weeks, then you go to the OBs.  Since I don't trust those OBs AT ALL, I'll stick with the midwives, thanks.  

Other than that, we're just waiting.  The med board package was submitted to the med group.  It should be at big AF in a week or two.  Then the waiting becomes months long.  BLEH.  But it gives us time to get the house pulled together, the garage cleaned out, and a bunch of other stuff done.  I'm ok with that.  

Aug 19, 2010

11 weeks

I was going to wait till next week, when I'm 12 wks, but my friend Kelly asked for a shot.  So here it is.  I feel huge, but apparently I'm not.  I've only put on 5 lbs so far.  I actually like this photo.  We'll see how I feel in a few months.....


Aug 10, 2010


I got the call for Battleship today!  I'm going to be filming for four days  The first two will be on the USS Missouri, and I'll be in Navy utilities.  :D  Not sure about the other two, but I'll likely be just a family member or something.  Costume fitting is next week.  I'm really hoping they're going to put me in the new Navy BDU's, not the old dungarees.  I'm not sure I can hide the bump in dungarees.  If it's BDU's, I can wear a belly band and have the blouse hide it.  The lady I talked to was funny- "I know you were in the Air Force, but do you mind wearing a Navy uniform?"  Nope, not at all.

I will try to take pictures.  I'm not sure what will be allowed, but I plan on having my phone with me, which has a decent camera.  If I run into Talyor Kitsch, I'll be excited.  He was Gambit in Wolverine.  Maddie would fucking freak.  I want to take as little as possible with me, since I don't know exactly where I'll be leaving my stuff.  Essentials- business cards, phone, ID and a sock to keep in my pocket.  Uh, yeah, I'll be knitting.  WTF else will I do between takes?  I'm really hoping it's BDU's.... they have the pocket to hide all that and some protein bars so I don't pass out.

But yay!  I'm going to be in a BAD sci-fi movie!

Aug 4, 2010

A milestone

I would just like to give myself a public pat on the back.

I have not gone to the Cuntwagon's blog, website, iTunes page or looked at anything about her since late March.

Not easy, especially in the beginning, but I've done it.  To be honest, I really don't give a crap about her sad little life.  I know she still visits here from time to time, and I'm pretty sure she follows me on Ravelry (I get some very strange disagrees.... usually it's when I mention the baby or Justin).

The only reason I'm even bringing it up now is because a friend got orders to the same base Cuntwagon is stationed at.  I cringed when she told me, then we started laughing and joking about my friend running her over (my friend is in a wheelchair).  :)  Not that she would....  well, unless she were provoked.  She's pretty feisty.

Anyway, it's somewhat of a big deal for me.  I'm actually able to let go of someone who made my and my family's life a living hell for a long time.  She can't touch us anymore, especially once we leave the service and move to Seattle.

Aug 3, 2010

Knitting mojo, gone

I am dissatisfied with all the things I am knitting right now.  I want to start something new, but I know I shouldn't.  Problem is, the two sweaters I'm working on won't fit me in a few months.  I have a couple cardigans, but they're OLLLLLLLLDDDD.  I found a great new pattern, but I need to look through the yarns I have to see what would possibly work.  Maybe the red Knitpicks.  

I should finish what's OTN already.  But my shawl has lost its interest for me.  The sock is a travel project.  And we talked about the sweaters.  BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!