Jul 18, 2010

Should go to bed

But I can't.  Justin isn't home and I can't sleep without him.  Plus there's that whole first trimester OMGSOTIREDIWANTTODIE bit, but IJUSTCAN'TFUCKINGSLEEP.


On the plus side, I got to chat with an old friend for a few hours via Facebook.  I remnded him he took me to Sleepwalkers in high school.  He says he did no such thing as he'd never take anyone to such a bad movie.  I disagreed and since I have the better memory, I won.

In between I read Hyperbole and A Half.  It made me LAWL.  She's the only person ever allowed to use MS Paint ever again.

Now I'm listening to Stupid be unable to figure out where the hell she is.  I think she has a sock.  It's really pathetic.

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