Jul 10, 2010

Rocket ass!

I have been farting uncontrollably all night.  And not with confidence.  I actually sharted earlier.  That was wicked fun!

This stomach flu can go.  I'm trying to decide if it's the stomach flu or the Ninja Pirate causing the nausea.  He may also be causing the gas, but I have a feeling since it is sometimes accompanied by other things, the gas is the stomach flu ending.  At least the farts are satisfying now.  Before, not so much.

I am easily entertained.

The Ninja Pirate seems to have stolen all my knitting mojo.  I can't do the shawl I want because I'm having trouble counting past 5.  This is normally not a problem.  I can generally have a chart memorized within one repeat.  Of course this one has the devil's nipples, aka nupps, which seem to throw me completely off.  I have to do them every 16 row, so I'm failing to see why I have a problem.  Maybe I'll go knit some soothing stockinette.

Not much knitting for a while.  We finish the paperwork for the new house this week and do the final walkthrough and get the keys on Thursday.  YAY!  We can start moving right away.  It looks like this weekend I'll be getting some stuff packed and buying some 20 gallon Rubbermaid bins.

I'm also considering going to the casting call for Battleship.  They're filming here in Sept/Oct and need 3,500 extras.  It's looking to be an absolutely awful sci-fi flick based on the board game of the same name, so why not?  The first calls are for military family members, which is me!  And I'll be here in Sep/Oct!  It starts at 10 tomorrow and again at noon on Sun.  Haven't decided which I want to go to yet.

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