Jul 31, 2010

First OB appt!

Today was the first OB appt.  Well, really just all the paperwork I need to do to start with the real appointments.  It took fucking forever.  When I got there it reminded me of the DMV.  Take a number have a seat, they call you to the counter.  Then you put some paperwork in a box and the nurse calls you back to take your vitals.  I was already worked up, so my blood pressure was high, but I have a touch of white-coat syndrome, plus I was ready to fight to see the midwives.  Weight was.... ok.  I was heavier on their scale than I am here, but I was also clothed and had eaten breakfast and had my morning caffeine.  So I really haven't gained too much yet.  Yay!

Then we went back and sat in the waiting room again.  And sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Finally I got called back over half an hour past my appointment time.  ARGH.  The paperwork was pretty easy.  The nurse was nice, and since this is my third kid, plus I'm working on that midwife certification, I know pretty much all of what they're talking about.  The thing that threw me was that they wanted me to go for a glucose test today.  All because Maddie was over 8lb 13 oz when she was born.  I've never had GD, and neither Justin nor I are small people.  Why would they expect small babies from me?

So after all was done in OB we went off to the lab where I drank the goo.  We wandered around the hospital for a while, stopped by the VA so I could pick up the paperwork to apply for disability, and then sat in the lab till they had to do my blood draw.  I was amazed at how awesome the tech was.  Usually blood draws really fucking hurt.  This tech was so good I didn't even feel it.  7 vials went by really quickly.  Then we had lunch and I came home and took a nap.

Tonight we went to Anna Miller's for dinner.  It's payday and I really didn't care to cook.  Then we picked up some stuff at the mall and I stopped to look at maternity clothes.  I can tell I'll be doing a LOT of sewing this time.  Most of the clothes are fugly.  No good t-shirts.  I'll likely have to design my own and get them through Zazzle or Cafe Press.  And I'll be making some pants and skirts, too.  I need to head to Goodwill to pick some up.  I just wish my mom would send me the elastic I asked her to get.

This weekend ties up the move.  The new house is awesome.  I have a fuck ton of unpacking to do, but I need to focus on getting the old house empty and clean first.  And the girls go back to school on Monday, so I'll have plenty of downtime to empty boxes, only to re-pack them for the move to Seattle.  Yay.

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Vron said...

What goo did you have to drink? I'm confused?