Jun 12, 2010

I spent tonight making the Peachy Beachy Cover Up from Fabric.com. It got a little hairy at times, esp when I had to resew the facing three times. It turned out rather nicely, though. Then I realized I had no ribbon for the tie. So I made one. Nor did I have a safety pin to thread it through. Enter a locking stitch marker. The fucker took me 4 hours. The pattern claimed to take two. Whatever.
Things I learned:
Have ribbon handy 
Ditto with safety pins 
Don’t let the cat walk on your pattern after it’s taped together 
Don’t try to learn to use a narrow hem foot at 11pm on bubble gauze 
Ditto on trying to figure it out on a dress hem (no beginning or ending!) 
Measure where your ties go.
Seriously people, you’d think I know this shit. I’m a fucking sewing teacher.
Pics tomorrow.  I'm wearing it to the beach.  Long ass waist tie and all.  I'll clip the threads, though.  I don't want seagulls pulling at me. 

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