May 28, 2010

Things that could be Facebook statuses but aren't

I am madly trying to finish the sample knit for a friend.  I'm a few days behind.  Today is knit knit knit eat knit knit eat again knit knit weave in ends steam block seam wash block.  And Justin will play Mass Effect 2 to keep me occupied.

It's another cloudy day here.  I love cloudy days.  I hope it rains again.

Tomorrow Justin goes to fix the brakes on the truck.  What Firestone wanted over $800 Our friend Dave  can do for about $100 in parts + a chocolate cake.  Firestone is stupid.

Second day of summer vacation.  The gin is running low.  Send more, stat.

No word on the new house yet.  Looks like we won't be moving this month.  I am both happy and sad.  I haven't packed yet, but I'm fucking sick of this house and things breaking.

Justin made the offer to let me have what's supposed to be the formal living room in the new house as my craft room.  I think I may take it.  I do most of my work downstairs, and we can turn the third bedroom into the exercise room/man cave.  The catch?  I have to get rid of my beloved purple sectional.  Ouch.

Justin is staying in the AF, at least for now.  Work is being done to move him to a new squadron, thanks to his doctor.  We're trying to find degree programs where he can finish his degree in 2 years so he can apply to the FBI as a special agent when this enlistment is up.

Still need to work up the fall's class schedule.  Whoops.

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