May 10, 2010

New queue

Ok, so my knitting queue seems to have switched up a bit.  Here's the new list, in order of needing to be finished:

  • Helena, for the Luciano's baby shower on May 16.  On the 3rd lace repeat, and I'm doing short sleeves instead of long, so that should be done in no time.  
  • The sooper seekrit project for a designer friend- needs to be done by June 1st.  I'll be knitting my damn fingers off for a week or so.  Yarn should be here any day now. 
  • Lancia's sweater.  One more sleeve and the yoke.  If I can sit my ass down to do it, it'll be done rather quickly.  
  • Picadilly.  Almost through the body.  
  • Test knit of Miss January for above designer friend.  Got my 24" Hiya Hiyas today.  Just need to wind the yarn and finish the stuff up above.  
  • Kaleidoscope.  Although it may be frogged.  I'm not sure I like the gauge.  Love the yarn, but I'm iffy on the sweater itself.  I think it needs a slightly heavier yarn.  
  • Finish spinning the damn alpaca for a shawl.  Then knit said shawl if I have enough yardage.  
I really would like to have Picadilly and Miss January done by October.  I'm going to Rhinebeck again, and would love to have a handknit sweater for both days.  Esp since I'll see Designer Friend, and it would be awesome for her to see her sweater on a person in person.  :D  

What else?  Justin and I are doing really, really well.  I'm almost a little scared about how well we're doing.  I feel like we may sabotage it and everything will go to shit again.  I'm working really hard, and so is he, but the fear is still there.  I'm happier than I have been in years, though, so I'm enjoying it.  

The bronchitis is almost gone.  I still have a hell of a cough, but I can take a deep breath without hacking up a lung.  I think it'll get better as the week goes on, so I'm going to wait till Thursday or Friday to go back to the dr.  

I'm getting weird hits on here again.  I have a feeling the stupid whore is back to her old tricks.  I noticed someone emailed the entry about her emails from Feb to someone in NC.  I know a few people in NC, but not where it was emailed to.  I'm just shaking my head.  She's a pathetic, sad little person.  I went ahead and blocked her on FB, and if I knew her IP address, I'd block her here, too.  I'm done with her stupid little games.  

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