May 30, 2010

My husband spoils me

We went to the sale at the outlet mall today.  Tommy Bahama had everything in the store 50% off, and I wanted to see if they had anything for Justin for the wedding.  He's flat refusing to wear a suit, and I can't say as I blame him.  It's July 2, outside, in Hawaii.  That means HOT.  The wedding party is going to melt. He decided he wanted a formal aloha shirt and nice pants, since I said no kilt.  Hawaiian sarong?  Ok.  He wouldn't go for it.  I figured TB or Tori Richard was the place to go.  Kay told me she cleaned up at TB yesterday, so off we went.

He found a gorgeous blue formal shirt.  With ivory pants.  Yes, folks, I let my husband buy ivory pants.  He looks really fucking good in them, like someone out of a Hemingway novel (and you all know how much I dislike Hemingway).  I found a ton of adorable dresses, but only one was good for the wedding.  It's a black sheath with ivory embroidery down the front.  It's a little big in the waist and hips, but the bust fits really well.  Plus I can wear a regular bra and NO SQUASHER under it.  That's the best part, since I'll be shooting the wedding and will need to move around easily.  I found a sundress, too, at 70% off.  It's supposed to be a swimsuit coverup, I think, because it's kind of thin (which means regular slip).  Why someone would pay full retail ($118- WTF????) for it is beyond me.  But 70% off is ok.  It fits me perfectly.

Then we went over to the Coach outlet, where they were having a huge sale.  All the clearance was an extra 50% off.  I picked up a new teal bag- regularly $448, marked down to $115.  Justin also suggested I get a clutch for the wedding.  I found a great butter yellow one- regularly $199, marked down to $50.  Then they had an extra 20% off at the register.  So two Coach bags were only $132 after tax.  DAY-UM.

Last was Banana Republic where I didn't see much.  The sale wasn't fantastic.  It was 40% off everything in the store, but I wasn't feeling most of it.  I did find an adorable pink embroidered peasant blouse, so I got that.  It's part of my evil plan to learn how to make patterns from existing clothes.  I'm also planning on re-learning embroidery.  Once my machine is back, I'm all over that.  I have a few pieces I want to reproduce, both of mine and the girls'.  I have a whole bunch of books on my Amazon wishlist to help me, and I plan on ordering a few come Tuesday.  :)

Anyway, when I added up what we got, we walked out of there with about $1K of clothes/accessories for around $300.  I hate Kay a little bit right now, but in the best way.  :)

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