May 30, 2010

Bunny Butt Apothecary

So last week I finally got sick of commercial deodorant.  It makes me itch, smells funky after a while and worst of all, I still fucking sweat.  Not to mention I hate getting that crap out of my shirt pits.  I decided to go antiperspirant free for a while and see how it goes.  I do need something to counteract the BO smell, however.  Enter an Etsy search.

There are a metric fuckton of people who make deodorant on there.  I had no idea how to choose.  So I went with the one that appealed to me most, and was in the first few pages of the search, Bunny Butt Apothecary.  Theirs was a little pricier, but the scents sounded really good!  It was really hard choosing which one I wanted in my pits.  I went with Cucumber Tea, thinking it would be a nice light scent.  It is, but a little sharp....  we'll see how it wears.  They also had a set called Tri Me Bun- three of their whipped creams in 2oz sizes.  Lotion, you say?  Throw it in the cart!  I got Pirate Booty, East of Eden and Ye Olde Jasmine.

I got my order yesterday, only a couple days after ordering.  It was awesome.  The lotions came in a cute little muslin bag with a bunny on it.  And the smells.... OMG, they smell amazing!  I ended up picking the more masculine scents, because I have plenty of berry and girly ones already.   But they are awesome!  Pirate Booty smells like rum, coffee and chocolate, with a little whiff of the sea.  East of Eden smells just like the woods in summer.  The Jasmine is the best jasmine I've ever smelled.  And the lotion base is wonderful.  It's light, not greasy and soaks in almost right away.  It's the perfect amount of moisture for the islands.  The DO is nice, too.  It goes on smoothly, and doesn't feel like I'm caking crap in my pits.  I never realized it felt that way till I put this on.  We'll see how it does with the BO, since I'll be a sweaty hoar.  I may double up with a crystal stick if this doesn't do it on its own.  Either way, I'll definitely be ordering more from Bunny Butt.

Well, I gave it a run today. There was a sale up at the outlet mall, so we hit that. I was a little whiffy by the end of the day, so I may need to use a crystal stick then the good smelling stuff. I do really like not having the awful smell commercial stuff leaves, or he weird little pills from the supposedly invisible DO. And the BO wasn’t nearly as bad as it would have been without anything.

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choperena said...

Last week I broke down and made my own deodorant, real easy and very effective! I'm writing about it over on my blog:

Doesn't stain, doesn't cake, and doesn't stink! I plan on improving the recipe when I finish this batch.