May 30, 2010

My husband spoils me

We went to the sale at the outlet mall today.  Tommy Bahama had everything in the store 50% off, and I wanted to see if they had anything for Justin for the wedding.  He's flat refusing to wear a suit, and I can't say as I blame him.  It's July 2, outside, in Hawaii.  That means HOT.  The wedding party is going to melt. He decided he wanted a formal aloha shirt and nice pants, since I said no kilt.  Hawaiian sarong?  Ok.  He wouldn't go for it.  I figured TB or Tori Richard was the place to go.  Kay told me she cleaned up at TB yesterday, so off we went.

He found a gorgeous blue formal shirt.  With ivory pants.  Yes, folks, I let my husband buy ivory pants.  He looks really fucking good in them, like someone out of a Hemingway novel (and you all know how much I dislike Hemingway).  I found a ton of adorable dresses, but only one was good for the wedding.  It's a black sheath with ivory embroidery down the front.  It's a little big in the waist and hips, but the bust fits really well.  Plus I can wear a regular bra and NO SQUASHER under it.  That's the best part, since I'll be shooting the wedding and will need to move around easily.  I found a sundress, too, at 70% off.  It's supposed to be a swimsuit coverup, I think, because it's kind of thin (which means regular slip).  Why someone would pay full retail ($118- WTF????) for it is beyond me.  But 70% off is ok.  It fits me perfectly.

Then we went over to the Coach outlet, where they were having a huge sale.  All the clearance was an extra 50% off.  I picked up a new teal bag- regularly $448, marked down to $115.  Justin also suggested I get a clutch for the wedding.  I found a great butter yellow one- regularly $199, marked down to $50.  Then they had an extra 20% off at the register.  So two Coach bags were only $132 after tax.  DAY-UM.

Last was Banana Republic where I didn't see much.  The sale wasn't fantastic.  It was 40% off everything in the store, but I wasn't feeling most of it.  I did find an adorable pink embroidered peasant blouse, so I got that.  It's part of my evil plan to learn how to make patterns from existing clothes.  I'm also planning on re-learning embroidery.  Once my machine is back, I'm all over that.  I have a few pieces I want to reproduce, both of mine and the girls'.  I have a whole bunch of books on my Amazon wishlist to help me, and I plan on ordering a few come Tuesday.  :)

Anyway, when I added up what we got, we walked out of there with about $1K of clothes/accessories for around $300.  I hate Kay a little bit right now, but in the best way.  :)

Bunny Butt Apothecary

So last week I finally got sick of commercial deodorant.  It makes me itch, smells funky after a while and worst of all, I still fucking sweat.  Not to mention I hate getting that crap out of my shirt pits.  I decided to go antiperspirant free for a while and see how it goes.  I do need something to counteract the BO smell, however.  Enter an Etsy search.

There are a metric fuckton of people who make deodorant on there.  I had no idea how to choose.  So I went with the one that appealed to me most, and was in the first few pages of the search, Bunny Butt Apothecary.  Theirs was a little pricier, but the scents sounded really good!  It was really hard choosing which one I wanted in my pits.  I went with Cucumber Tea, thinking it would be a nice light scent.  It is, but a little sharp....  we'll see how it wears.  They also had a set called Tri Me Bun- three of their whipped creams in 2oz sizes.  Lotion, you say?  Throw it in the cart!  I got Pirate Booty, East of Eden and Ye Olde Jasmine.

I got my order yesterday, only a couple days after ordering.  It was awesome.  The lotions came in a cute little muslin bag with a bunny on it.  And the smells.... OMG, they smell amazing!  I ended up picking the more masculine scents, because I have plenty of berry and girly ones already.   But they are awesome!  Pirate Booty smells like rum, coffee and chocolate, with a little whiff of the sea.  East of Eden smells just like the woods in summer.  The Jasmine is the best jasmine I've ever smelled.  And the lotion base is wonderful.  It's light, not greasy and soaks in almost right away.  It's the perfect amount of moisture for the islands.  The DO is nice, too.  It goes on smoothly, and doesn't feel like I'm caking crap in my pits.  I never realized it felt that way till I put this on.  We'll see how it does with the BO, since I'll be a sweaty hoar.  I may double up with a crystal stick if this doesn't do it on its own.  Either way, I'll definitely be ordering more from Bunny Butt.

Well, I gave it a run today. There was a sale up at the outlet mall, so we hit that. I was a little whiffy by the end of the day, so I may need to use a crystal stick then the good smelling stuff. I do really like not having the awful smell commercial stuff leaves, or he weird little pills from the supposedly invisible DO. And the BO wasn’t nearly as bad as it would have been without anything.

May 28, 2010

Things that could be Facebook statuses but aren't

I am madly trying to finish the sample knit for a friend.  I'm a few days behind.  Today is knit knit knit eat knit knit eat again knit knit weave in ends steam block seam wash block.  And Justin will play Mass Effect 2 to keep me occupied.

It's another cloudy day here.  I love cloudy days.  I hope it rains again.

Tomorrow Justin goes to fix the brakes on the truck.  What Firestone wanted over $800 Our friend Dave  can do for about $100 in parts + a chocolate cake.  Firestone is stupid.

Second day of summer vacation.  The gin is running low.  Send more, stat.

No word on the new house yet.  Looks like we won't be moving this month.  I am both happy and sad.  I haven't packed yet, but I'm fucking sick of this house and things breaking.

Justin made the offer to let me have what's supposed to be the formal living room in the new house as my craft room.  I think I may take it.  I do most of my work downstairs, and we can turn the third bedroom into the exercise room/man cave.  The catch?  I have to get rid of my beloved purple sectional.  Ouch.

Justin is staying in the AF, at least for now.  Work is being done to move him to a new squadron, thanks to his doctor.  We're trying to find degree programs where he can finish his degree in 2 years so he can apply to the FBI as a special agent when this enlistment is up.

Still need to work up the fall's class schedule.  Whoops.

May 10, 2010

New queue

Ok, so my knitting queue seems to have switched up a bit.  Here's the new list, in order of needing to be finished:

  • Helena, for the Luciano's baby shower on May 16.  On the 3rd lace repeat, and I'm doing short sleeves instead of long, so that should be done in no time.  
  • The sooper seekrit project for a designer friend- needs to be done by June 1st.  I'll be knitting my damn fingers off for a week or so.  Yarn should be here any day now. 
  • Lancia's sweater.  One more sleeve and the yoke.  If I can sit my ass down to do it, it'll be done rather quickly.  
  • Picadilly.  Almost through the body.  
  • Test knit of Miss January for above designer friend.  Got my 24" Hiya Hiyas today.  Just need to wind the yarn and finish the stuff up above.  
  • Kaleidoscope.  Although it may be frogged.  I'm not sure I like the gauge.  Love the yarn, but I'm iffy on the sweater itself.  I think it needs a slightly heavier yarn.  
  • Finish spinning the damn alpaca for a shawl.  Then knit said shawl if I have enough yardage.  
I really would like to have Picadilly and Miss January done by October.  I'm going to Rhinebeck again, and would love to have a handknit sweater for both days.  Esp since I'll see Designer Friend, and it would be awesome for her to see her sweater on a person in person.  :D  

What else?  Justin and I are doing really, really well.  I'm almost a little scared about how well we're doing.  I feel like we may sabotage it and everything will go to shit again.  I'm working really hard, and so is he, but the fear is still there.  I'm happier than I have been in years, though, so I'm enjoying it.  

The bronchitis is almost gone.  I still have a hell of a cough, but I can take a deep breath without hacking up a lung.  I think it'll get better as the week goes on, so I'm going to wait till Thursday or Friday to go back to the dr.  

I'm getting weird hits on here again.  I have a feeling the stupid whore is back to her old tricks.  I noticed someone emailed the entry about her emails from Feb to someone in NC.  I know a few people in NC, but not where it was emailed to.  I'm just shaking my head.  She's a pathetic, sad little person.  I went ahead and blocked her on FB, and if I knew her IP address, I'd block her here, too.  I'm done with her stupid little games.  

May 5, 2010

I is sick

I have bronchitis.  Motherfucking bronchitis.  And it's lovely, let me tell you.  Chest hurts, coughing, inability to breathe.  Fabulous.

On the plus side, I've gotten pretty far on Picadilly.  I've been working on it for a couple weeks now, and I'm almost through the body.  I should be able to finish the increases in the next few days.  Then it'll likely have to go on hold, as I'm doing a sooper-seekrit sample knit for a friend.  She needs it by June 1st.  Luckily it's sleeveless, so I should be able to get it done fairly quickly.  I'm just hoping she has it on larger needles.  It's in an alpaca/silk blend that is absolutely wonderful to work with.  After that is finishing the sweater of doom, a test knit for the same friend (I get to keep this one!), and then Tempest.  This seems to be the year of the sweater.

What else?  Not much.  Classes are doing really well.  They generally have more than the minimum.  I've added two new ones in July- a Photoshop class and a uniform class (putting on name tapes and rank).  I'll add quilting in October.  I really like teaching.

I've also been throwing around the idea of going through doula training.  We'll see.  I ordered a couple books that are required reading for the certification programs, just to see if it's something I really want to do.  It would mesh well with my artwork and teaching.  I'm also going to see if Darcee will let me go to her birth in Dec.  I need to go to one other than my own two, to see what it's like on the other side.  :)

May 1, 2010


In contrast to the last post, things are going rather well here at the Casa del Dean.  I'm finally getting a handle on this depression thing, marriage counseling is going well, and I'm madly in love with my husband.  He also happens to be madly in love with me.  :)  He left me the sweetest note this morning after he got called in to work.  I have absolutely no doubts we're doing a lot better than we were a month ago.

I know I'm happier.  I'm working really hard to stay that way.  I'm happy with my life, my choices and my future plans.  I'm looking at some new career options, too.  I'm not giving up art- never will- but I have other interests that I want to pursue.  They mesh well with my artworks, so I'm going to take a look at them.  I'll post a little more on that later as I figure some stuff out.

I want to give a shout out to my new visitors....  It seems my blog has become rather popular of late.  People are searching it out and even emailing it around!  Weirrrrrrd.  :p  So if you're new, leave a comment to say hello and tell me who you are!  I'd love to make some new friends.